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    normally these plants don't grow scraggly but sure did this time. i do think that in a sense the scraggliness had something to do with in that they still had normal to above average resin production in the end.
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    Question i like to gel like jello

    Quote Originally Posted by pflover
    I am not getting more branching than i would under ordinary light conditions i am not getting much growth either tho. iti si hard to describe but if you have ever grown under incandencents you might understand.

    i do have spacing between mine i might try a more compact set up next. this is a learning process i guess.
    i also have encountered the stasis that plants seem to exist in under certain lights (mine was under a violet colored fluorescent tube i inherited). the plant appeared healthy and vibrant but it didn't get tall and such. it was even more of a pronounced effect than growing under incandescent produces (i have done that as well).

    I wonder if there is a similar 'spectrum' for people too.

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    Default cool

    i also am an led grower ive been experimenting too diff models and spectrums
    uhhhh i think i dont have enough post to link my growlogs. but they are viewable at CC forums under the same name i almost feel like a troll... and spammer but trust me im not.
    thanx TDO
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