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    Default Not a new member, but it's been a while....

    Hi, I'm Granny Storm Crow and I collect medical studies and news articles about cannabis, the cannabinoids and the endocannabinoid system. I posted my very first "Granny Storm Crow's List" here at TY almost 14 years ago-

    A number of things have happened to me since I was here last. The biggies in chronological order -I retired. I was widowed just after our 51st anniversary. I was written about in HIGH TIMES And my little 2007 List with 60 pages of links has grown into a "beautiful monster'" of over 6,000 pages of links, all nicely sorted!

    But one thing has not changed, my List is still free for the taking, no spam, no hidden nasties, and no selling names. I'm just a nice old lady cannabis fanatic who is out to educate the world about cannabis! And so to that end, I'm just going to post up the letter I send out to roughly 2,000 friends all over the world (including Marco - Hi Marco! ).

    In keeping with the general chaotic trend of 2020, this year’s editing job of the List, was a total nightmare! An amazing number of recent abstracts have become full studies (necessitating editing and moving them around), and in the last 3 years, the number of studies on cannabis, the cannabinoids and the endocannabinoids has sky-rocketed. Then, while checking the URLs, I noted that the older http links were being replaced with the new https, so all of them needed replacing – which meant just about everything before 2015, and quite a few of the newer studies. And with over 6,000 pages of studies to edit, it’s taken me a lot longer to get everything in order.

    I am beginning to think I may not be able to continue sending out the List twice a year. It’s just becoming too much work, so it may be just yearly Lists from now on. I’ll try to get a July List out, but I’m not sure it’s possible. Checking the links used to take a week or so, but now it is literally months of dull work, endlessly checking links.

    Then there is Covid. Now, the lockdown didn’t change my life too much, I was “halfway a hermit” already. My eldest son began doing all the shopping for me, and I was no longer able to spend my Saturdays at the dispensary educating folks. Other than that, my life went on pretty well as normal, but there was always that nagging bit of Covid-related stress in the back of my mind. Being a 73 year old type 2 diabetic, a cannabis smoker for over 50 years, and a just tad overweight, Covid could be a death sentence for me, so I’ve been very careful and rather reclusive.

    However, I got my second Covid shot last month, and I just spent my first Saturday at the dispensary- well masked and gloved, of course. The vaccine gives me 95% protection, but that still means there’s a 5% (1 in 20) risk of contracting Covid. So I’ll be wearing a mask (with a cannabis leaf print) and staying home 6 days a week, until “herd immunity” sets in. Luckily, my county has a small population, so there aren’t that many to vaccinate.

    Speaking of Covid, it's a new section on it in the “Latest” segment of this year’s List, and another section on Covid’s social effects. Since THC and CBD apparently can slow down Covid’s “cytokine storm”, I've added a section on cytokines. And there is a scattering of new topics like Chemo/Covid brain fog and Caretakers. After you download a segment, you may have to click “Contents” on the left side to get the index for the List.

    The studies from “2010 to 2014” have their own segment in the List. I keep adding interesting studies as I find them, no matter what their date is. There is a lot of good info in the older studies, so don’t ignore them.

    The “News” segment is not just for beginners, although it is a good place to begin your cannabis education. If an interesting study has only an abstract available, there’s often a news article that will give you more details. The news articles give everyone a quick and easy way to learn more. After the “News” is a “Mini-dictionary” to help you through the studies. Once you know what those new words mean, it is far easier to understand the study. That is followed by two sections on the older studies , “2000 to 2009” and “Pre-2000”(some date back to the 1800s). These studies are the foundation for all our newer studies, and they are usually easier to read.

    The last segment has the studies focusing on the plant cannabinoids, “Phytocannabinoids”, then the large “Endocannabinoid System”, followed by a smaller section on “Endocannabinoid Genetics”, and finally, those often dangerous “Synthetic Cannabinoids”.

    I strongly encourage all of you to share my List (or even just the news segment) with your friends, relatives, college students and medical professionals. You can get on my mailing list to get free updates of my List by sending an email to grannystormcrow(little a in a circle) . (Don't forget to change the "(little a in a circle") to an @ !)

    Once the medical facts about cannabis become known, the need for full legalization becomes obvious. The truth about cannabis has been ignored and hidden from the people for far too long. And like my Grandfather once said, “If the truth won’t do, then something is wrong!”

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    "If the truth won't do, then something is wrong!"
    Granny's Grandpa- Rev. John Schwabenland

    Need medical studies? Try here!

    Want a free copy of my list? email us at-


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