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    Default Federal Report: Marijuana Treatment Admissions Among Youth Decline Sharply in Legalization States

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    ...adolescent treatment admissions for marijuana declined...
    Who's going to complain about that? But the real question is WHY, so what's behind such statements as « is more difficult for teenagers... »... My personal observation being that's certainly "more difficult" for adults in Québec's most peculiar "legal" environment where each nugget endures close individual shaving, both to shake off a significant fraction of its trichome glands and also to strictly limit the residual quantity of seeds eventually found by some of the customers, in case a number of them might later try to germinate it (...), which effectively puts ideology high above the honest customer's own reasonable needs. As if systematic punishment would achieve Trudeau's 2015 goals (e.g. a sinister political farce) as announced at UNGASS 2016.

    Thanks to Justin previous "bio" quality has become even more prohibitive in the neighbourhood while "légaleezation" pushed criminalization even further, justifying city police to acquire snow vehicules, drones and whatnot. Because it's an industry above all, just search for keywords as "Fix-my-Kid", "Kids-for-Cash", "Narconon Trois-Rivières", etc. For example only a couple weeks ago we heard of yet another basement bust on local TV news, between two "stoner"/"droÿé" shaming adds paid by public money.

    Etc., etc.

    An industry.

    Data published in 2017 in the journal Substance Use & Misuse reported that over half of all young people entered into drug treatment for marijuana are placed there by the criminal justice system.
    So it's bigot anti-cannabic prohibitionists in panick who inflicted the most durable prejudice to legally-minor teenagers, In The Name Of Children, again because the bigots can never learn when to stop. As an agravation factor lets equally include so-called "treatment" potentially of the Narconon/scientology type as that ain't exactly a fair garanty that *ALL* victims of such cruel sin industry will actually survive past this level of socio-toxic encounter and not think of suicide instead - which has occured, by the way, but it won't make the news since it won't "sell" anyway.

    Perhaps our politicans believe those lives ain't as worthy as if the persons had been alcoholics, lotery gamblers, sugar addicts, whatever. Not to mention cannabis is extra safe when made available under its non-vilified form, e.g. away from mis-guided 3rd-party interference, for starters. Anyone with a pratical sense of proportionality should be sensible to the simple fact that sometimes it's just better to use tolerance and compassion than traumatize a kid to life, presumably for some higher purpose rooted in the Victorian age, when vulnerable women & children could risk being exploited as sex slaves thanks to the powerful addictive effects opium. Something many of us can reasonably conceive, while it was grotesque politician flim-flam to add "Indian Hemp" and "Canabis sativa L." to the 2nd Geneva Opium Convention of 1925, later revised as a set of 3 UN treaties often conveniently instrumentalized to redirect blame on Nixon's "drug war" these days.

    The concept of proportionality is of utmost importance nonetheless. But true science remains clearly ignored to spare historic exceptions actually challenging an objective sense of fairness, knowing how much more social cost comes with those legal poisons, especially alcohol that we see advertized as a life-style on TV at any hour.

    Meanwhile nobody appears to feel worried that successive generations are now condemned to chronic self-poisoning from additives and "traces" alien to the noble cannabis plant, from industrials trying to avoid individual Pest Control Product detection levels after optimizing their collective synergy in a spray soup, etc. So it's essentially there right under the people's nose but only top-notch laboratories got the expertize while all that matters is how much a bag weights...

    People here are now at risk of eviction after the province granted such abusive right to landlords, retro-actively, etc. It's just business as usual, so IMO we should rejoice when a predatory economy targetting minor teenagers starts to slow down at last!

    Good day, have fun!!


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