Recently i noticed some particularily odd patterns, once associated to the Mazzilli "modules", now repeating in this relatively fresh-new case:

"Induction heater TPA3255 300W+300W High Power Class D HIFI Digital Stereo Power Amplifier Board DC48V Digital Multimeter"

Sorry if i feel like refraining myself from posting any convenient link instead of just keywords meant to feed Google, it turns out my initial source was AliExpress and we all understand how that's intrinsically mercantile...

But the fact remains! Apparently it's a plain remake of the Tesla Coil Mazzilli "ZVS module(s)" rebranded for Induction Heating purposes (e.g. after its Flyback Transformer was dropped), magically fitting a radically different workload in absence of any adaptative work/correctives, nonetheless! Euh...

Back then the engineer status of Vladimiro Mazzilli (Milano/Italia) could serve to induce a most deceiving idea that such direct rebranding might have been performed by the engineer himself, which doesn't account for one simple fact: those were Tesla Coils the Mazzilli engineer worked on - and even got photographed with, actually.

These days that would happen to be engineers from Texas Instruments who are supposed to have designed the perfect IH driver "module", except that's an evaluation board and i see no hints of a modification to operate it in a frequency band other than Hi-Fi audio...

Too bad most people can hardly tell the difference as i'm sure there are induction heat enthousiasts who shall get mislead by similary bold announcements, without even some directives on how to perform any necessary transformation(s) - or maybe it works out of the box, possibly at the cost of trade-offs one may feel ready to manage with. Go figure!

M'well, my advice is to use a fair dose of caution when approached relatively to that particular type of offer anyway: "if it looks too good to be true..." then maybe that's quite time to remember this is generally the case.

Good day, have fun!!