I haven't been here for a few years, long story short, I was busy as you do get with growing kids.

Now I am growing my own medication.

Query is, I am hitting the same brick wall, no idea why the plants are going like they are so late in the grow.

To speed things up...

I take cuttings and they are in perpetual veg in their own environment, just so you know.

This is handy as I can literally keep them at a size ready to negate the 3 weeks vegging as they have already vegged.

So in the flowering cycle, I get flowers at the right time as expected when put in to 12:12 cycle.

So week 7 or in Canna's time table, week 10

I get any multitude of issues, these can be anything from lock out, nitrogen, manganese, you name it, its happened and happened on the same plant at once before, no rhyme or reason.

So I could do with some ideas on what I might try or check.

Water PH is 5.9
Water EC is 1.1 above background

Water is drawn and stood in day light for 72 hours or until its evident that chlorine has fallen out, UV light assists in this process.

Water is then cycled through a carbon filter, it has got at least another 5,000 hours of use left.

Once it has been cycled for 3 days, it is then EC checked and then PH checked and then PH balanced.

It is stored in a totally black container and has a water pump and air bubbler as well as the prescribed Canazym in the mix.

Water is not mixed with A or B or other additives UNTIL it is needed as it avoids mistakes in batches as I experienced and mixed up something that literally cooked on plants roots. So I make one off batches of what I need, that means I have a reservoir of PH balanced water that can be used to flush at a moments notice.

Lights are at correct height and the two light meters I have agree with lumens and lux.

All lights I use have a PAR and broad spectrum natural white light output.

I have no humidity or temperature build up problems.

So ask away, or give me an idea of what you think I might need to do.