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    Default NORML Resource Guide: Engaging Effective Activism During the COVID-19 Pandemic

    Even during these uncertain times, NORML’s mission remains the same. In fact, one can argue that our mission now is more important than ever before.
    “NORML’s mission is to move public opinion sufficiently to legalize the responsible use of marijuana by adults, and to serve as an advocate for consumers to assure they have access to high quality marijuana that is safe, convenient and affordable.”

    Download the Resource Guide

    During this worldwide health emergency, it is more important than ever that patients have safe, above-ground, uninterrupted access to lab-tested cannabis medicine. It is more important than ever that police and prosecutors do not waste limited resources targeting marijuana consumers. It is more important than ever that America’s prisons and jails no longer incarcerate those charged with marijuana-related activities. It is more important than ever that essential cannabis retailers have equal access to banking and small business financial assistance.
    But while NORML’s mission hasn’t changed, advocates’ methods for accomplishing these goals have had to adapt.
    During this pandemic, reformers can no longer hold large public rallies. It remains unclear when Congress will return to Capitol Hill and resume regular order. In many parts of the country, state and local legislatures are closed indefinitely — making it impossible at this time to lobby for specific legislative changes in state and local laws. In most states, constituents cannot at this time even schedule a face-to-face meeting with their lawmakers.
    Given this new reality, how do activists effectively make their voices heard and continue to advocate for substantive changes in cannabis policies?
    Here’s how. In this guide, NORML highlights various online tools to assist reformers in their advocacy endeavors. As America awaits a return to normal, here are numerous steps that you can take today to keep successfully engaged with pundits, politicians, and other influencers during this pandemic.

    Despite the ongoing crisis that is before our country (and the globe), NORML and its staff are rising to the occasion to be both productive and influential in shaping the emerging worldwide narrative surrounding cannabis. Thank you for your continued advocacy and support. Together, we will end the criminalization and stigmatization of cannabis.
    The team at NORML
    [hr][/hr]NORML’s strength is in its numbers. Please take time today to consider joining the NORML family. NORML is well aware that these are difficult times financially for many of you, and we understand that some of you may not be in a position at this time to contribute to this cause. But for those of you who can, we hope that you value and appreciate NORML’s ongoing efforts and will consider making a contribution at this time. Your past efforts have allowed NORML to be ready and able to step up at times like this, and your continued efforts will help carry us forward to the better days ahead.

    Original Article

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    N. B.:

    This is what it looks like when displayed by the on-line reader, whatever:

    “NORML’s mission is to move public opinion sufficiently to legalize the responsible use of marijuana by adults, and to serve as an advocate for consumers to assure they have access to high quality marijuana that is safe, convenient and affordable.”
    The importing of articles looks normal once into the on-line editor with a quote loaded, though before doing that some extra characters were contaminating this present text to a point which makes it difficult to read around special characters, if not simply repulsive (as it takes supplementary effort to decide if it's worth reading further)...

    Quote Originally Posted by TY RSS News View Post
    ...NORML’s mission...
    IMO it would improve coherence for Norml to associate "responsible use" to consumption methods and not just the substance(s) alone. It's like party-like devices are OKay and yet somehow the users should be expected to "behave" as "Micro-Dosers" - not to mention "dabbers" actually do! I know alcohol comparisons are most unfair but i don't recall the parents of my generation educating their teenagers to alcohol by leaving them alone with 40 oz bottles of strong liquor and not a single glass... Yet this is exactly the equivalent which happens using "joints", dabs, vaporizers and so on: those typically promote dosing repetition well beyond the limit that would be set using rational reason. But how do users even realize the effects of a consumption method + ritual if there's nothing else? How does a "newbie" still initiating himself to a cannabic habit ever learn dosing in absence of a suitable tool?...

    Normal's focus on adult use sounds a bit superfluous for people like me who live in a province where the "legal" age is 21, based on "science" the politicians said... Personally i'm basically assuming the person can take responsability mentally, not just "legally", which to me implies there needs to be room for real education that doesn't promptly deny adults aged between 18 and 21 to begin with... So if we can unstuck ourselves from this perfect politically-correct trap by finally removing all cannabis things from any UN-inspired "schedule", for example, euh... Well, maybe someday the matter of a consumption tool shaping the user's consumption profile shall become as much a priority as the substance itself, because meanwhile newbies will continue to get initiated by learning dosing abuse before anything else. Which is like pretending to acquire responsible drinker behaviour by never using a glass with plenty of full 40 oz bottles around (e.g. drinking direct from the bottleneck).

    Moreover, when refering to safety i'd appreciate that Normal makes it clear that *ALL* potential contaminants must get covered, including the "legal" ones. Right now across the world there's food like fruits which chronically expose mass populations to numerous types of by-products made necessary by industrial production and processing, i heard for strawberries it's involving savvy sprays by the dozen. So, even once fully "legalized" chances are we're not done with seasoning contaminants just yet.

    As for conveniency and affordability i think it's untolerable for a reform as that of Justin Trudeau to create exeption provinces where home cultivation for self-sufficiency purposes is also BANNED, on top of criminalizing young adult persons aged 18. It's a pure insult for mature consumers with grey hairs as myself to be forced to show identification cards with a photo at the entrance of a store where everything is sealed in opaque bottles, or even bags as a matter of fact. For example:

    This was supposed to beat the "Organized Crime"/"Black Market". What one gets for a "deal" which is already inflated (pricetag set ~2 $/g too high!) happens to be half-a-bag of nugget fragments which endured heavy processing. So in the end that's not worth half the announced cost anyway. My point being that it's doesn't benefit society to punish elders by infantilizing them much the same as criminally-minded minors, even less to deny the "Harm Reduction" contribution of alternative consumption devices as eCigs and Vaporizers which in principle can't ever be seen in public view, as if "stoner$"/"dro˙é$" had to get erased. YMMV, engage into disobedience at your own risks, including that of getting evicted by a landlord, etc...

    Briefly put *ALL* vilification vectors must be examined. Not only what's already permitted by law.

    Good day, have fun!!
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