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    Default Carbon Filter Regeneration And Recycling

    Two quick points to go over here. The first is for those whom security is less of a concern, or for those who are trying to get the most from their gear.

    First is that you can "regenerate" your carbon by placing old scrubbers in the oven. It's not actually generating any carbon, but what it will do is "cook off" the volatiles that the scrubber has picked up. And given how long they've had to oxidize, you probably won't be skunking out your kitchen by doing this.

    The way I've done it is by using the leftover heat after cooking something. As my oven is LP gas powered, I'll first turn off the oven, then open it up to cycle the air out before the scrubber goes in to remove the humid air produced by burning hydrocarbons, then I just leave it to bake at just under 450F as the oven cools. As Ray Bradbury taught us all, paper burns at 451F so don't go over but do try to approach it to ensure that the maximum boil off is achieved.

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    I've done this several times recently with a ten year old scrubber that I use as living room air filter. Usually it just picks up dust but after a few runs through my oven it pumps out scrubbed air with the typical carbon filter scent effect. I don't actually know how long this will last, and so I don't recommend it unless you can handle some odor without worry or want to use it to clean air in your living space. As I said though, this filter is over ten years old and I'm still getting use out of it, but I'm also not using it to filter a grow.

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    The second, once you're done with your filter you can open it up and use the charcoal inside to add carbon to your soil, making a modern approximation of Tera Preta (the "magic soil" of pre-columbian South America). Either use it to treat sandy soil for your outdoor lawn and garden, or mix it in with your organic grow medium to give the microherd housing to live and breed in. It will also hold onto water far better than sandy soils can. I confess that I haven't actually done this yet as my scrubbers are still working long after their intended lifespan and my current location can tolerate odor rather well, but I have been toasting wood into charcoal over the last few winters and I'm currently grinding and adding it to my soil mix at a rate of 1-2 TBS per gallon to both house the microherd, and to sequester carbon in a way that's not easily recoverable and will pull down even more carbon over time.

    If you use carbon from your scrubber, you may need to grind or crush it for best effect. It should be a powder, finer is better.

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    *Bonus Tip* You can replace your dust filters with a few feet of batting from a fabric store (it's the 'padding' inside quilts, blankets, bibs etc).

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    Cut to size, sew (or have someone sew) the ends together and you've got a brand new dust filter for next to nothing.
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    Man I missed all this science stuff.
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