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    Default what a bunch of pot heads,,, hehee

    still,,, i miss being here,,, life changes,,, and ya gota rol with it,,,,
    just thot I'd stop by and say ... what the fuck,,,, oh,,, ya,,,, hehee

    shit i almost forgot,,,,
    i planted some Peaks Kush Skunk,,,,
    and some Peaks Kush Berry last week,,,,,
    dicided I need to start with some new stock,,,
    since the last time i cracked any seeds was 5 years ago,,,,,,,,
    now,,, mom decided she wanted an up right frost free freezer,,,,
    so these seeds been sittn in a frost free freezer for 2 years,,
    on top of the 4 years in a deep freeze ,,,,,
    so,,, I took a chance by not calln M.J. for some new stock,,,,
    being april 12 or so already,,,,
    and,,,, I'll be dipped in donkey shit if every single seed but one came up,,,,,
    one was a Twin,, two plants from one seed,, never seen that before,,,,
    I did have quite a few of helmet heads tho,,, but a drop of water cple times each,,,,
    and wala ,, they pop off...

    Peaks,,, Tuff like a ford,,,, ride like a B.M.W......
    oh,,, hell,,, ya,,,,, thx Mj,,, now I gota order up,,, no stock left,,,,,

    be cool guys,,, specialy you gorillia growers this year,,,
    every mother fucker and his brother have a drone now,,, ( me too,,, hehee )
    so,,, stelth it up guys,,,,
    Rolnik ,,,,,,,,,,the Phantom Grower,,, learned everything he knows about grown weed....
    rite here,,,,
    well almost,,,
    i did fuck up alota plants at first,,,

    later ,,Guys,,,,, hehee
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    hey rolo good luck with your grow this year. stop by and see us more often brother. use your drone to look for males don't want the neighbors to dust you. hehe

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    Hey Roli good to hear from you bro. I have some Peak Kush Berry in flower as we speak. Good luck with yer girls.
    Ty was down for a long time so you hit it right on.

    Be well
    I fall upon the earth, and I am embraced. Water gives me life, and I spring forth into the light. My roots run deep into the earth, and I am nourished. With wind and water, light and earth, I conspire to ease your pain and heal your wounds, to bring you peace and calm your mind, to give you wisdom and truth of heart.
    I return to the earth and I am embraced.I am Cannabis

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    Nice to see you posting Roli.


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