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    Default Orphan Black

    Damn but Orphan Black is a good series. It's been *so* long since I watched *anything* that could suck me in for an entire episode and keep my attention instead of me getting bored and shutting it off half way through. Tatiana is *such* an awesome actress, and the script moves at such a good pace.

    I just finished watching episode 5 of season 1, so I've plenty more to watch, but as I said, for the first time in *years* I'm looking forward to the watching.

    Not that I watch it very often; I have to be in "the right mood" for sit-back entertainment. I usually prefer to do something that keeps me *thinking*, like writing code.

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    Strap in mate!

    Ye got two seasons o'weekleys to watch an som'n crayzee happ'ns in the plot lines
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