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    Default Help a worried friend...

    A friend of mine recently started up a small stealth cab (only one 125w CFL and a couple smaller CFLs). She's doing a 12/12 from seed grow. I helped her set it up and all is going ok, except that she's gotten herself paranoid about some things she's been reading and I can't get her to stop worrying. I spoke with her yesterday and she's worried the smart meter on her house (she's in ontario) will alert the hydro company to the 12/12 schedule and they'll tell the cops. I don't think she's in much danger, as it's such a small setup, but I know they could see the schedule if they wanted to. I told her to try and modify it a bit (the schedule... not the meter), but they could probably still tell. Can anyone put her mind at ease (she browses here, but is not a member)? What's she really got to worry about with a grow like this? She's got a grow license, and is within her plant count, but I know that doesn't mean a whole lot right now with the MMAR/MMAP crap that's going on.
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    If that tiny little setup, which uses about 1/4th of the power that an average internet computer uses, is bringing on paranoia, I'm not sure anything anyone can say will make her feel any better.

    I highly doubt, even if this shows up on their radar, that they will associate any red flags with it. I have a reef aquarium that uses way more wattage than that, and is on a timer running 12 hours a day. Who's to say this smart meter isn't just showing a reef aquarium in this house? That's a popular hobby, across the entire world, and it uses the same lights that an indoor garden would use, so who's to say that it automatically is a marijuana garden?

    Why not just buy a 200w solar panel or wind turbine? CFLs work great with DC power.


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