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Thread: The Tao of Composting

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    Default The Tao of Composting

    This is a great read for those of you involved in BD or even organics,
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    Every tao and zen I like to take a look at material such as this to see what else I might be missing

    I don't know about you guys, but I have a few 10gal totes that I fill with coffee grounds, vegetable food scraps, paper & cardboard (smaller pieces mean more surface area) etc and a bit of my recycled mix to start it off.

    Worms have also been added to speed up the process (although it does complicate aeration) and make the nutrients more bio-available as well as simply breed a helpful population.

    What could simply be tossed away or sit there as a box full of paper, cardboard and junkmail rather quickly transforms into the organic portion of my vegetable garden's soil.
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    I have a compost pile at the back of my property that I've been adding to for about 5 years. I put a coil of 1/2 " black water line inside. The ends stick out, Rez at one end, tap at the other. When the pile is cooking you add water to the line...viola hot water.

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