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    Default looking for strains with high CBD

    I am looking for strains to try that are high in the CBD as this is the best way for me to get best pain free moments for me! Now, I have been working hard on the recipes from here TY. Such as I now make capsules, Glycerin tinctures, and baked goodies of many! Trying to work on the hard candies and so wanting to find some strains to try that would be the best for high CBD any info would be helpful!
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    Man, It's difficult to believe no one has answered this one yet. Considering most strains have a fraction of one percent CBD, like 0.03%, breeders are saying that 4% is considered a CBD rich strain. Also, considering the death rate in Canada, and in the USA just from cancer, one would think that both pollen chuckers and accomplished breeders in legal states would be giving it hell and have world champion quality genetics out there. In all reality though, the best strains appear to be clone only, which not only defies the treating yourself mentality, but it also appears to display the sincere lack of concern, and a lack of skill.

    Bodhi Seeds had a give away earlier this month at the Attitude. AC/DC x Good Medicine was a freebie and is likely a winner, but there's a lack of data concerning this strain. And, like most other rare strains, it was gone in a couple of hours. So, I would say that the CBD Crew has the best track record thus far with several 1:1 strains. Spain's Reggae Seeds and Resin Seeds have some nice offerings. Some of us are stuck in a place where we can not contribute 100% of our time, talents and means in the service of helping patients; but, this will likely change very soon as more and more people are catching on. When I'm capable of committing my time, I will be traveling and collecting cuts from CO to CA, and everything produced will be free to anyone willing to pass on the blessing!

    One of the most logical reasons for a newbie patient to have a high CBD strain on hand is in the case of an accidental overdose. Although not life threatening, it is as an antidote with power to halt the psycho-toxicity which often frightens many patients away from using cannabis ever again. It's a very uneasy feeling just witnessing a loved one experiencing the physical and mental side effects of psycho-toxicity.
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