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    Default Devil Cream ®


    100% auto flowering strain. This is a polyhybrid resulting from a cross between selected strains of two of our purple flowered varieties: Dark Devil and Black Cream. This strain shows a great hybrid vigour from germination as it is composed of a wide genetic mix.

    This variety develops the typical structure of an Indica-Sativa hybrid, with a strong main stem, tough side branches and big leaves that end up forming a thick and dense main cola, surrounded by multiple buds on the side branches also with a good calibre and density.

    Devil Cream produces copious amounts of a very aromatic resin. The aroma is sweet and fruity with hints of incense and lemony citrus tones. The plants grow quite tall for an autoflowering strain, a characteristic inherited from the Dark Devil genetics that intervene in the cross. Some individuals can reach a height of more than one metre high, all this in just two months after the germination of the seeds. The resin of this plant has a potent and exciting effect.

    THC: 15-20%......CBD: 0,8%......CBN: 0,2%
    Indoor Yield: 350-600 gr/m2
    Outdoor Yield: 40-175 gr/plant
    Indoor/Outdoor Harvest: 8 weeks after germination
    Height: 70-120cm

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    Gotta try this one out You have just made me a kid in a candy store..Thanks from Canada!


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