Hi all,
Just thought I'd post up some info on my experiences with Attitude seed bank.
Ive used them 10 times over the last 18 months and received all orders. I used the stealth option the first few times and now only use the plain package, untracked method and its worked every time.
I had an issue recently where the freebies from a breeder promotion weren't sent, i emailed them and received a reply within 24hrs saying they would ship them out. I offered for them to just add them to my next order. Well they arrived in the post 7 days after they told me they would send them and they sent double the freebies.

There is a lot of hate on other forums from people that have gripes mainly with orders going missing and beans not popping. The beans issue is a breeder problem, not theirs and we accept responsibility for ordering contraband so i dont know why the hate. Ive had nothing but good experiences with them.

Hope this info helps people out