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    Default Cannabis and Epilepsy Study 1881

    In researching epilepsy for Marijuana Australiana - The Documentary, Richard Baron discovered this medical manual which clearly describes the curative effects of cannabis - PUBLISHED IN 1881!
    It's actually a reference to an even older medical publication from 1870! This shows the power of 70 years of drug war propaganda infiltrating public perception... not for long though.
    Finally 130 years later, it's on its way to becoming an accepted therapy in Australia thanks to Cheri O'Connell and Mullaways Medical Cannabis Pty. Ltd. and a network of compassionate parents treating their kids,

    [B][COLOR="Navy"][URL=""][COLOR="Navy"][SIZE=3]Enlightened Veterinarian's Guide to Treating Pets with Medical Marijuana. Dr Doug Kramer's definitive ebook "Sweet Serenity"[/SIZE][/COLOR][/URL][/COLOR][/B]

    [SIZE=5][COLOR=Blue]Truth flows on to credibility, and credibility will be the vehicle for change[/COLOR][/SIZE]

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    Great stuff Moose..good find! I'm a seizure disorder patient, not what is actually Epilepsy but very similar. Thanks for sharing..DD
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