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    Default ON: Board aims to toughen rules on pipe sales

    MON, NOV 04, 2013

    Board aims to toughen rules on pipe sales

    Orillia Today
    By Frank Matys

    Board aims to toughen rules on pipe sales
    Chad McInnes, owner of The Pot Shop, doesn’t oppose

    the idea of an age restriction on pipes and other products
    he sells at his Albert Street business.

    Pipes of every stripe – from portable puffers to substantial bongs – abound at The Pot Shop, the Albert Street South business with the unmistakable green leafs painted prominently on its white exterior.

    Yet despite the name, and a proliferation of images that bring to mind marijuana, Chad McInnes says he doesn’t sell his legal products for the purpose of partaking in the illicit weed.

    “I’m allowed to sell paraphernalia to anybody, I’m not allowed to sell drug paraphernalia to anybody in Canada,” says McInnes.

    That very issue is at the heart of a proposal by the police services board to impose an age restriction on the sale of these products.

    At the recommendation of a local parent, the board is urging council to explore a bylaw “prohibiting the sale of drug paraphernalia to minors.”

    Staff will investigate the request.

    While not opposed to an age restriction, McInnes insists the pipes, rolling papers and other items that line the shelves of his store are for “legal purposes only.”

    Customers can use them “(to smoke) legal herbs, or you can buy a pipe because it’s a nice piece of art – all sorts of stuff,” he said of the colourful collection on display. “I’ve got pieces of glass here that are $300 or $400.”

    Telling a customer that a product can be used to consume an illegal drug is against the law, McInnes says.

    “I don’t sell anything for drug use at all,” he said.

    Exceptions are made for customers with access to government-approved medical marijuana.

    “In that sale, I can sell you (paraphernalia) for marijuana,” he says. “I have to see your medical information.”

    McInnes doesn’t oppose an age restriction for the sale of pipes and other products.

    “It means I could actually carry more products,” he says, adding the store could stock adult novelties that would otherwise have to be concealed behind a curtain.

    “If they wanted to implement (an age of) 16, 18, 19, it doesn’t matter,” he added. “I’m fine with it.”

    Coun. Patrick Kehoe, a member of the police services board, supports the proposal.

    “The merchants of those items, to their credit have had their own internal policies, but they are very random,” he said. “What surprised me more than anything else is, someone less than the age of 19 is not able to buy tobacco or tobacco products. The same restriction does not apply to an apparatus used for other purposes. It is just having a consistent rule apply, and to ensure that when somebody makes that purchase decision, they are mature enough to make that decision.”

    The issue cropped up after the police board received a letter from a parent claiming her 14-year-old daughter and a friend “bought a pipe for smoking pot” at McInnes’s store.

    The parent says said police told her that minors were allowed to purchase pipes.

    “I realize kids experiment, but it should be MUCH MUCH harder for them to experiment, not (too) simple,” the parent, whose name was blanked out of the public agenda, added in her letter.

    McInnes firmly denies ever having advised a customer to use his products for smoking marijuana, other than those possessing licenses for medicinal use.

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    I'm reminded of a number of years ago when I arrived at a festival and the organizer casually mentioned that the vendor that had occupied a particular space the year before had not recieved a flyer that current year because, as she phrased it, he "had pot pipes".

    According to some, this means anything made of glass. Or anything made of metal. Or anything that could be called a work of art. In short... anything.
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