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    Default CO: Mile High City backing off on stopping public marijuana smoking


    Mile High City backing off on stopping public marijuana smoking

    By Robert Weller
    Nov 1, 2013

    Medical Marijuana

    Via Flickr user Mark

    Denver - From the moment voters approved the legalization of marijuana last year government has sought to make it difficult for stoners to light up.

    Many complained Colorado would become Little Amsterdam, as tourists flocked to the states to get high on weed instead of ski mountains. Gov. John Hickenlooper, a Democrat and brewery magnate, waited until the last minute to sign the bill making the referendum law. Cities large and small around the state considered ordinances barring any marijuana possession or smoking. Big cities like Denver wanted to make sure there were no billboards near schools. Ultimately, even the Obama Administration made clear it was going to accept the will of the people in Colorado and Washington. Colorado courts had repeatedly rejected efforts to stop the referendum from having any real effect, saying the people had spoken. The heavily Democratic city of Denver kept going, though. It wanted to bar smoking in back yards because it might drift next door. And police on the city’s entertainment district’s 16th Street Mall would arrest smokers. They were already arresting anyone on a skate board or a bicycle.

    But Denver City Councilwoman Susan Shepherd stood up and said these were nothing more than attempts to thwart the willing of the people. On the Hit and Run blog she wrote: the referendum authorized "transporting" up to an ounce of marijuana "shall not be an offense under Colorado law or the law of any locality within Colorado." The city’s popular trails and parks are used for transport by bicyclists and others. She said under a proposed ordinance people taking these trails could be arrested for possession. The council backed off and a new proposed ordinance allows possession in parks and even on the 16th Street Mall. The American Civil Liberties Union, which had sued the city, was still not happy because the ordinance outlawed “display” of marijuana, like brandishing a gun. “You have to wonder, what are they’re smoking?” Mark Silverstein of the Colorado ACLU said.

    Meanwhile, measures meant to allow the taxation of both the sale and purchase of weed were winning in polls and were expected to pass next week, Westword. Supports have been arguing that such taxes would fill gaps in state financing in Colorado, a state that became a virtual symbol for week with the songs of the late John Denver, including “Rocky Mountain High, Colorado.” So far the flourish medical marijuana industry has stayed away from the debates on how to regulate recreational use. The district attorney’s office in Denver and other cities have told police to stop making routine busts. As in many other states millions of such busts have prisons so full judges are ordering that a significant number of prisoners be released because of inhumane conditions.

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    this all sounds great but my rep in colorado says there are many small cities that do and will continue to ticket and arrest,colorado springs is as unfriendly to 420 folks as it has been since even medical legalization,Just remember flaunting gets you a jail cell for the night,cannabis will be handled just like alcohol,public intoxication is the same either drug,peace


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