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    Question Learning to grow newbie section submission

    Is it recommended to feed the plants a stronger food mixture than what is recommended on the label?

    Short answer: No.
    Longer answer: Cannabis plants can be very sensitive to the food they eat. Mixing a stronger food ratio can have the opposite effect than what you would think, and actually make your plants stop eating all together. This is called Nutrient Lockout, and your plants could take a long time to recover, and that’s not what you want. As a good rule of thumb to follow with respect to mixing plant food, “less is more” or “less is better” are both good notions to keep in your head. Later when you develop your own growing skills you may be able to start “pushing the envelope” slightly, but that is strongly recommended only for the expert grower. It’s best to lean on the conservative side and mix your food slightly weaker than what’s recommended on the label, and see how your plant’s react. It’s far easier to recover from feeding your plants a too weak food mixture vs. feeding your plants a too strong food mixture. Remember, you want your plants to be growing at their optimal rate. Overfeeding a plant will not accomplish this at all, and in fact, will have the opposite effect.
    I wish it was bong time

    I'm up to 15 strains, and lovin' it:

    1. Black Diamond OG Kush
    2. Cannatonic
    3. Purple Kush
    . Hippie Headband (2 phenotypes but not sure what to label them)
    5. Skunk Berry (both Skunk and Blueberry phenotypes)
    6. LA Confidential
    7. OG Kush
    8. Rockstar
    9. OG Ghost Train x Haze #1
    10. Sunshine Daydream
    11. Temple
    12. Pure Kush X Uzbek Hash
    13. C99
    14. Purps
    15. Rockstar Kush

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    yes verry tru.
    i mix my plants food at 1/2 strenth .
    then increse as needed or talorated .

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    Poll added, closes the 20th of Nov I believe.



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