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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadimar View Post
    As I pointed out in another thread, there's video of Rob Ford smoking crack and he's still the Mayor of Toronto because there's no way to actually prove that the substance in the glass pipe is really crack and not, for example, the substance used on Comedy Central's Daily show and Colbert Report crack smoking segments.. even though Ford did admit to smoking crack.

    Can anyone tell me that the pic shows the RCMP Officer actually smoking cannabis and not simply lighting an empty paper tube based on the picture?

    Yes... I know.

    It does feel strange defending defending an RCMP, but he's also one of us and we all deserve to be defended.
    dont the rump have mandatory drug testing like other jobs or are they ASSumed to be law abiding and thats "good enough" ? not that i believe someone should lose their job over cannabis use


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    Well here's something you'll enjoy.

    A number of years back, a bill was proposed that would require mandatory drug testing for political candidates in the United States, if I remember correctly it related to the US Congress but may have been broader.

    Well... what an uproar that caused.

    My favorite response was "there is absolutely no reason to suspect members of congress of drug use" and therefore blah blah blah we can't have that law and the bill never saw the light of day.

    If, however, you're one of the many Americans who receive SNAP benefits. A new law allows states to begin drug testing before allowing you to go grocery shopping, based on absolutely zero suspicion or probable cause, in violation of the 4th amendment and the very reason that congress cited to deny drug testing of themselves.

    Perhaps the recent arrest of a Florida Senator for purchasing 3.5 GRAMS of COCAINE can shed a little light on their logic

    Also note that many Civil Service (ie Government) jobs require a drug test before employment begins and testing during employment may occur as well.

    Congress doesn't think they should be included however, much like a bus driver insisting that the passengers be subjected to a breathalyzer while he has a contract stating that he will remain immune from the device.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nohibition View Post
    Ideals fall by the wayside in the race for power. ... Win by attrition.
    Well, given the recent popularity of "Marihuana" coverage on TV (envelopes, RCMP, Brandon-Souris, e-Cigs) i was hoping Justin miniPET Trudeau might take advantage of this apparent convergence and just pop up somewhere!

    Quote Originally Posted by Shadimar View Post
    As I pointed out in another thread... ...based on the picture... ...he's also one of us and we all deserve to be defended.
    Personally i find that "his father's son" missed a fine opportunity to jump on the (potentially convenient) R. Francis affair as it seems propaganda through RCMP's public image caused political action to overide legit medical expertise (normally required for the initial paper work!)... Tell me if i'm wrong, but why not suggest, in parliament, that RCMP's now famous member should have been informed that vaporizers are a much healthier alternative than administration via cigarettes?... Additionally, i'll bet this cannabic patient can't even get a choice of strain that's best suited for his situation (at work), right?!...

    So, considering this timeframe, if someone must defend mister Francis why not miniPet?

    C'mon miniPET, where have you been hiding lately?! Still shaken by the bashful (Brandon-Souris) letters from Harper?...

    Quote Originally Posted by Epic Genetics View Post
    ...not that i believe someone should lose their job over cannabis use...
    To me it comes down to a simple idea. If the patient's medical doctor prescribed cannabis so this person can work again then where's the counter-expertise which led some RCMP official to impose symbolical punishment by taking away this guy's working suit??

    Very simple.

    Not only is this "mountie" entitled to be defended but i wish Trudeau will use his case when facing Harper in Ottawa - and why not promote healtier consumption methods in the process! The matters of medical expertise, administration means and genetic strain should keep them busy while silent conservatives would be delighted by such diversion, as it might help angry voters to forget the rest...

    In any case i still fail to imagine 1 good reason why the RCMP even felt justified to walk away with his uniform!

    If it's about his gun then lets hear the RCMP's doctor claiming it must be removed (the pants, shirt, boots and hat can stay)... As a matter of fact one has to wonder why this matter wasn't dealt with already! In the meantime i'd like to see the RCMP provide full support of the man's rights, by virtues of a Health Canada license if i'm not mistaking.

    Now it sure would sound like some interesting discussions for our House of Commons chamber!...

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