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    I need a whip lash neck collar.
    The tissue/muscle surrounding the nerve burn is very tender and sore. Evan the slightest movements of my head hurts like hell.
    I asked to be sedated this time well before they started the proceedure.
    The guy was like well i am not sure that you'll be out before they prep you with the alcohol.
    Thats the last thing I was aware of.
    next thing I know I was re-dressed and in a wheel chair rolling out the front door to my ride awaiting.
    No panic attack as I was oblivious to what was going on. THANK GOODNESS

    I haven't left the couch much so far, she has been swapping out ice packs on my neck.

    Now i know why Mike Jackson was so fond of the propohol ( sp?)
    I was out without a care in the world, I was in a good deal of pain especially when they strapped my torso down in the proceedure room. Had to aske them to take the pressure off of my IV from the starps holding me motionless. That lil 5 foot nurse took pride of getting those straps so tight that not evan an earthquake woulda had me moving.
    Untill the anestesia started to wear off completely I felt like a million bucks felt like I woke from a week long nap, refreshed. Then the pain came back in waves getting more and more within a hour or so I was alert but apparently pretty funny with the things I did and said! .
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