Test grows

Hi guys ,

In this thread we will show to all of you our most recent works with Sweet Seeds strains. It will be updated frequently.

Hope you enjoy them and i am sure it will be a help in your next grows.

Click on the links to see each one.

Red Poison ® | Black Cream ® [The Red Family]

-by Sweet Seeds-Tommy

Red Poison ® | Dark Devil ® | Black Cream ® [The Red Family]

-by Sweet Seeds- Jaypp

Jack47® |Cream47® |Sweet Cheese®

-by Sweet Seeds- Jaypp

Wild Rose ® | Cream Caramel ® | S.A.D. ® !TEST GROW!

-by Sweet Seeds-Tommy

Cream Caramel® /Black Jack®
-by Sweet Seeds-Tommy

Cream 47®- Outdoor
-by Sweet Seeds-Tommy

Cream Mandarine- Harvest
by- Jaypp

Snow Fruit ® [Micro Grow]

-by Sweet Seeds-Tommy

Big Devil #2 ® | Fast Bud #2 ®

¡Thanks for the visits,

and Sweet Smokes!

Sweet Seeds Team