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    Default A No Brainer For Stoner!

    MEDIA RELEASE Friday May 17 2013


    There is a protest planned for midday next Tuesday May 21st outside Deputy Premier Andrew Stoners office in Kempsey for medical cannabis pioneer Tony Bower. All supporters of medical cannabis and Tony Bowers efforts are urged to attend if they can. Mr Bower is locked up in Kempsey prison for twelve months because he refuses to stop helping people with terrible afflictions and cancer. At least one of the seven mothers of children with severe epilepsy Tony was treating with his tincture will be at the protest, pleading for Tony’s release.

    “Its archaic that in this day and age Tony is locked up when we know his medicines are healing people who have not been able to fix their shocking problems with pharmaceuticals. The fact that various vested interests like Big Pharma will now be lobbying NSW Parliamentarians to try and stop them implementing their Medical Cannabis Committees recommendations announced this week, is almost too sickening and frustrating to think about,” said Michael Balderstone from Nimbins HEMP Embassy, long term supporters of Mr Bowers tincture.

    “He doesn't have to live up to his name, he just has to understand the issue. Recently he announced his support for hemp foods so why not the plants medical properties as well? It’s a no brainer.”

    A statement from Mullaways Medical Cannabis Pty Ltd
    The NSW Government now has a Mandate from the NSW public to bring in a sensible Medical Cannabis Scheme to help as many people as possible and not the handful indicated by the Inquiry members. The Mandate states the sick should not be criminalised. Law must be implemented to reflect that.

    We remind all politicians you are not there to tell the public what to do and how they will behave. You are there to do what we tell you we want done. It is not a matter of choice. It is we the people not we the politicians. The public has spoken.

    On Tuesday supporters of Tony Bower, Director of Mullaways Medical Cannabis Pty Ltd will hold a rally outside The Hon. Andrew Stoners Office in Kempsey.

    As Mullaways is in the Electorate of the Hon. Andrew Stoner will we ask him to assist Mullaways in complying with the regulations imposed by the Pharmaceutical Services Branch on our application to receive a License to cultivate, possess and supply Cannabis/Cannabis Plants for the purposes of scientific research, analysis and study pursuant to the Drugs Misuse and Trafficking Act 1985 (NSW).

    Tony met with Andrew back in August 2010 but Andrew was not able to do anything but return the Labor Governments line. We are hoping that now that he is the Deputy Premier he may have more pull.

    We will also be calling on the Government to contact the Federal Government to request the removal of Cannabis from Schedule 1 as the Therapeutic value of Cannabis has now been accepted in NSW. This would allow research of cannabis and cannabinoid medicines within a proper regulatory framework.

    We are also here to tell the Hon. Andrew Stoner that Tony would not be in gaol now if Andrew had stood up for the chronically ill and dying back in 2010. We will be supplying the Hon. Andrew Stoner with the signatures from online petitions concerning medical cannabis and Freeing Tony Bower. These numbers will be a lot larger by November.

    Further info Nimbin HEMP Embassy 0266890326..... Julie Bower 0265661525
    Tony (Mullaway) Bower has been given twelve months jail and may be out in nine months with good behaviour. An appeal would still see him in jail till June. The Magistrate said there was no provision in the law for what he was doing and he felt obliged to give him a sentence in line with existing penalties, and an appeal was promptly lodged. The Magistrate refused bail, saying Tony had shown no remorse and would continue to offend if given bail. A barrister has now been retained, and we are trying to get Tony out sooner by applying to the Supreme Court for bail.

    For donations to Tony's Legal Fund, please deposit in this account:

    Alan Salt
    Summerland Credit Union
    BSB 728-728
    Account 22295366

    Since Tony was on television in Queensland a few weeks ago in a story showing that his tincture had stopped a seven year old child from having her (Dravet Syndrome) epileptic fits, the HEMP Embassy has been receiving a dozen phone calls a day and people have been driving for hours to get here just in the hope of getting some of Tony’s medicine. The girl featured (on the television program – link provided) had been suffering from debilitating seizures since she was six weeks old! Surely no one would want to stop her getting such relief?
    Mullaway on Today Tonight
    Significantly her parents discovered on the internet American parents in the same boat who were getting awesome results with their own children since Medical Cannabis became available there.
    We desperately need some decent politician to put medical cannabis on the agenda confirming the healing powers of this plant. It’s not just hippies talking now, it’s on the internet and being embraced by people from all walks of life. Now that half of America has legal medical cannabis there are stories emerging daily of, not miracle cures, but cannabis cures for a number of ailments.
    Every plant the Police took from the Mullaways medical crop was labelled for a patient and every patient has a doctors letter. He's written countless letters and applications in years of trying to get a sane hearing from the authorities. Tony promises his work will go on regardless and as more and more people take advantage of the knowledge on the internet on making your own tincture, it's hard to argue with him.
    Tincture making workshops will be held on both days of MardiGrass and his incarceration just increases our resolve for justice.
    Nimbin is home to hundreds of good people who have been in jail or have criminal records for loving this plant. For a long time Nimbin has been attracting individuals who, one way or another, have discovered Cannabis is a medicine that works for them. They might have a terrible illness like epilepsy, or cerebral palsy, or Crohns disease or they get migraines or have arthritis or cancer or whatever, but they discover marijuana is like a magic pill with few negative side effects.
    America's laws have changed because the people kept demanding justice and a fair go, which is exactly why we gather at MardiGrass. Please come and join our protest for what is the greatest social disaster of our time, the “war on drugs.”
    [B][COLOR="Navy"][URL=""][COLOR="Navy"][SIZE=3]Enlightened Veterinarian's Guide to Treating Pets with Medical Marijuana. Dr Doug Kramer's definitive ebook "Sweet Serenity"[/SIZE][/COLOR][/URL][/COLOR][/B]

    [SIZE=5][COLOR=Blue]Truth flows on to credibility, and credibility will be the vehicle for change[/COLOR][/SIZE]

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    This is just terrible,but I feel Tony's pain,I will be sentenced 14 june,to 18 months and 3 years porale after,peace

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    This was not right too jail a man who all he dies day in day out is provide the medicine the governments refuse to even achnowlodge its medicinal benefits.

    I hope all goes well and that you can get Tony out asap. My thoughts are with my family down under.

    This is ten percent luck, twenty percent skill
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    And a hundred percent reason to remember the name!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 420grower View Post
    This is just terrible,but I feel Tony's pain,I will be sentenced 14 june,to 18 months and 3 years porale after,peace
    I'm so sorry.
    Hippy dippy organic grower


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