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    I watched this this a.m. with a bowl of mullaway's cleverman,lol,I am going to make this one someday,soon me hopes,lol
    love to burn with the smokin Moose

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    Hey 420! Always love cleverman, well hell actually never been disappointed with genetics from down under!!! In fact will be running a few that were gifted to me a few years ago and on my last few beans so will start them inside and finally have a beautiful spot in the mountains and have wanted to try some of the aussie genetics outside!!! Will keep you guys updated. I believe that next year is my year for Mardigrass and Nimbin!!! Im happy to see that it seemed to have a good year as I remember smoking moose telling me they were having trouble with the funding or something like that? Not sure but I hope its all worked out. Would be awesome if we could get a TY group together for a cup. Peace out,SENSI

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