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    Angry AB Gov - grow op fearmongering - please go to this link & post the truth...

    If you believe in legalizing MJ - then speak your mind & give these idiots a blast...
    The AB Gov is fearmongering & pulling BS... If people speak their minds - maybe we can make them blink...

    Harper is from AB & that is what has this crap starting here...

    I posted the following in the blank slots...

    The government needs to legalize tax & regulate marijuana - not waste more tax dollars on prohibition... People grow marijuana as a medicine & the governments needs to quit with this bull crap & propaganda... Legalize the damned stuff & you won't be having to deal with shelling out tax dollars to clean up this mess & for needless law enforcement...

    Legalization takes the $ out of the pockets of the criminals... The Government needs to allow everyone to grow 20 plants of their own & then there is NO MORE profit to the criminals...

    There is no more of an issue growing marijuana than there is with growing house plants or tomatoes... Marijuana can be grown safely without huge problems, creating fire hazards, use of chemicals or creating mould issues in a building... As long as the persons growing are not stealing power or water & is paying for the services they use to grow their own marijuana for medicine - I see no issues... If people are growing for medical its no ones business but their own...

    Deal with the problem of meth labs, extacy, heroin & cocaine & other crap like that which is the real problem... Marijuana is a plant - it is non-toxic & it is a medicine... Legalize marijuana - Tax & regulate...

    People are not sheep & they are seeing through the propaganda & bull crap...

    The USA is legalizing marijuana state by state - they are realizing it is a waste of tax dollars trying to enforce prohibition when they could be making a profit off of it like the government is doing with alcohol...

    *Angry redhead - beware...*
    *Utilize extreme caution...*
    *You may get new body orfices ripped...*
    *& various parts ya wish ya hadn't grown removed the hard way...*

    *All information posted is for entertainment purposes only.*

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    harper is the worlds biggest asshole. he and his insane clown posse need to be put down like a rabid dog.
    Mushrooms - They're all edible, it's what happens afterward that's important.

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    Please be sure to comment. This is your chance to have your say. If you don't speak up, then this fear mongering will continue.
    Hippy dippy organic grower

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    Sorry but i think i'll just past, considering the support of my medical/medicinal "brothers" for their recreational criminal peers...

    No bust lists for me, fearmonging works!!

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