Just went through the grief of finding a doctor since my last dr was kammermans, I was amazed that I had to talk to people in BC to get the job done. It took soooooo long to find a doctor that I have now lost my compassionate grower to another patient and am now without supply who can afford the so called not for profit clubs out there.......not me...I'm not able to work and have had to rent out space just to survive the government just causes me grief no assistance and now to mess with growers and the ability to grow for ourselves, its all just too much. How the fuck does the government expect me and those like me to pay for meds??????????? Do we have to go gangster to get our meds?
I NEED HELP WITH SUPPLY and would love a grower that can help, have very large licence sighned and ready to go and do not want to grow myself if I don't have to