There's no way I can afford a good vaporizer, but I wanted to try vaping my medicine. A few years back I had a look around and put together the simplest vaporizer I could come up with. It's basically a cleaned out glass candle holder and a strong piece of wire bent to make a stand. I put some medicine in and heat the bottom of the glass with a small butane torch lighter until it just starts to put off a noticeable vapor. Usually have an empty pop bottle or something on top to catch everything and I just inhale through that. The taste is good and it's very smooth. I like a little smoke in it but not too much. It's easy to vary the hits by heating it more or less. How close is this to the experience of using a real, good-quality vaporizer? Are they really worth the money when I can do this for the price of medicine and butane (for the lighter)?