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    Default 2012 treating yourself expo cup winners

    I am happy to announce the winners:

    Private Grower Cup
    1st Urban Grower / Blue Cheese
    2nd JB / MediKush
    3rd Imran / Mullaway's Right

    Compassion Club Cup
    1st Rocky Mountain / Chocolope
    2nd Northern Ontario Compassion Club / Cheese
    3rd Vancover Island Compassion Society / Warlock

    Seed Company Indica Cup
    1st Kannabia / Mataro Blue
    2nd Kannabia / Kannabia Special
    3rd House of the Great Gardener / Haoma

    Seed Company Sativa Cup
    1st Paradise Seeds / Atomical Haze
    2nd Medical Seeds / Organic Ygriega
    3rd BC Buddepot / Sweet Island Skunk

    Functional Glass Cup
    1st Korey Cotnam
    2nd RooR
    3rd Goolen

    Flame Off
    1st Brandon Martin , Big Z ,Burton
    2nd Chris Carlson , Pakoh , Marcell
    3rd Chad G , J.O.P. , Kurt B

    The 2013 Treating Yourself Expo will be held on May 24 - 26 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. We are currently working on adding a second expo in British Columbia around the latter part of October beginning of November.

    The entries were put into baggies

    Black Blue Cheese / Private Grower / Urban Grower
    Black Cross Jack / Private Grower / Indoor Garden Solutions
    Black Spade Grape Escape / Compassion Club / MedCann Access
    Black Ying Yang Cheese / Compassion Club / Northern Ontario C.C.
    Black Batman (on Yellow) Purple Kush / Compassion Club / MedCann Access
    Blue Grape Chemo / Private Grower / Humber Valley Seeds
    Blue Devil Lemon Skunk / Compassion Club / UKB
    Clear Warlock / Compassion Club / Van. Island C.S.
    Eight Ball (on White) Starfish / Private Grower / Indoor Garden Solutions
    Gold Skull (on Black) Cherry Slyder x Tom Hills Deep Chunk / Private Grower / Pothead Pete & Sabrina
    Green Chemdog / Private Grower / Indoor Garden Solutions
    Green Alien Mullaway's Right / Private Grower / Imran
    Green $$$$ God Bud (BCBD) / Private Grower / Dr. Jay
    Green Leaf Grape x / Private Grower /Indoor Garden Solutions
    Green Playboy Bubba Kush / Private Grower / Urban Grower
    Orange B-Ball SECRET VARIETY / Compassion Club / UKB
    Red 4:20 Critical Lights / Compassion Club / Section 56
    Red Hearts S10/ Private Grower /Indoor Garden Solutions
    Red Superman (on Blue) Medi Kush / Private Grower / JB
    "STAY HIGH" Bomb (on Red) Blue Cheese / Compassion Club / iMedikate
    Purple Trucker Girls Chocolope / Compassion Club / Rocky Mountain

    Anyone interested in getting involved please send an email to

    Take Care and Peace
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    Epic Genetics


    yay for chana (3rd Imran / Mullaway's Right)

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    Default volunteers?

    I volunteer to pretest all samples submitted for judging at the 2013 expo. after all we wouldn't want some hermied gov't schwagg sneaking into the mix. lol
    maybe, just maybe by then I will have a supplier of quality meds, which will enable me to travel again. of course the bc cup will have to do for the first try, then ont. hopefully by the time I can make it they will need to rent the cne grounds to accomadate everyone. cheers
    Hit them where it hurts, show them the scientific truth about marijuana, while debunking the lies.
    Even politicians know, that the truth will always win.

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    Thanks for the results, few things made me smile. My vapor rig is blown by Korey Cotnam, how won 1st in a function glass category (He also does amazing intricate work).Kannabia looks like a damn near sure thing. Will try to make it out to the expo next year if the BC idea falls down. Looks like one hell of a time, and a lot of like minded individuals. Thanks for the results!

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    congrats to all winners.... my hats off to everyone involved actually! Cant wait for next year! Ill go to B.C. also... fn great idea marco!
    Be safe ! vacuum purge your bho... it looks cool
    Not getting cancer is worth spending the money..

    OPERATION SKU is coming to where ever it is.. Skunks Needed
    I want to know and own everything skunky.. we can rebuild it
    we have the technology. Contact me for info

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    i just got a chance to sit down and watch all the youtube vids by remo...looks like i missed a nice time...i was planning on making the trip north but had gotten bombbarded with life...

    i am penning in the 2013 date in my calander,that way it cant be erased, and will be making my way to the next expo for sure.

    congrats to all who entered....that in itself is an achievment,.
    Once in a while you will get shown the light, in the strangest of places if you look at it right.

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    Default All the Private Growers outdid themselves....

    As Sabrina and I and most judges felt the quality of buds this year was beyond expectations.
    We did not find one seed in any samples.
    A strain or two could have been flushed more.
    And we also picked the winner of the compassion club to finish last.
    We had Orange B Ball, clear, and black Yin Yang for the clubs.
    The trucker girl sampled was the worst of the lot.
    Superman, Gold Skull and Green Playboy were our picks for private grower.
    Our entry was actually rated by us for 2nd as we entered Cherry Slyder a month early.
    We will be back as we felt justified and not out of place amongst the best growers around.

    I feel this is partially due to my perserverance, but mainly due to using Advanced Nutrients......
    Add some Nirvana to your synthetic grows and watch the flavors explode.....
    That is with a good flush of course.

    Kudos to Marco and we will be back at the 2013 TY Expo.
    Thank you.

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