vapeorsmoke ... the designer was at the expo answering questions and letting people step on his device... i am a tech geek so i really tore everything apart... tested and questioned everything..... i was impressed with his jedi like knowledge... i will list what i know.... research more if you want...

it atomizes the product
cool vapor smoke
the product is anything from herb to hash to oils , budders, waxes and shatter
zero off gassing aircraft grade super plastic material compound
tsa approved
refillable butane operation
$10 replacement butane unit
also low price replacement filters ( which are also well designed units)
temp adjust
smaller than a pack of smokes
breaks down in seconds and into alcohol for cleaning
very good user manual
youtube how to(s)
great warranty

discrete, easy to operate... works in a hurricane....
smart safety features.....
made in usa

cool colored carrying cases are being released anytime to carry around your neck on a lanyard

to me it feels like i have always owned it.... and i didnt even get one yet (lack of funds) but i did make 4 people i know buy one.... they are all happy as a pig in shit....

i would like to note that i clean things like bongs and pipes once a week with regular use, and the designer of the vapeorsmoke said two weeks .... this is a very tuned unit... to atomize it must be clean

to atomize is better than to vaporize.... im just saying.... its science, and not up for debate...

i am not working for this company.... i didnt get anything for free.... this is for me... maybe not for you
please dont attack me... i have not seen this attacking on this forum yet... lets keep it civil... all questions can be answered

google vapeorsmoke all one word for website..... 5 stars.... 10 out of 10.... two green thumbs up