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    Cool Happy 420! Its sure been a while...

    Wanted to stop by say high. Lot a new faces since I've last been here. For those that know me, I'm doing well. Still working for xbox and its going well as far as call center work goes. Have a knew love in my life. She just joined tonight so she could read some of my articles. She's Akasha099. Life is good with her. ^_^

    Want to wish everyone a happy 420!

    <3 Ally-cat <3
    Regestered PDX area TC-caregiver for 2, housewife.

    Mugen: [after finding a bag of coins in the river] We hit the pot, Jack!
    Fuu: That's jackpot!
    Mugen: All I know is we're filthy bitch!
    Fuu: Filthy rich!
    Jin: I hope your doing that on purpose.


    Anit harm none...

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    Ally, you just put the hugest smile on my face. It is beyond terrific to see you pop back in to say hi. You are most def one of my heroes!
    [B][COLOR="Navy"][URL=""][COLOR="Navy"][SIZE=3]Enlightened Veterinarian's Guide to Treating Pets with Medical Marijuana. Dr Doug Kramer's definitive ebook "Sweet Serenity"[/SIZE][/COLOR][/URL][/COLOR][/B]

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