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Hello everyone,

We have quite a few changes to announce, here are the details.

We are discontinuing commercial sales of nine seed varieties. The genetics will remain in our genebank for many years and no doubt we will be experimenting with the various genetics and certain special pheno’s of them. The strains are not lost, just in deep freeze.
The reason we discontinue varieties is based on the fact that our collection already has around 50 varieties in it and just as we add new strains, we have to remove those varieties which have not been selling as well. If we didn’t do this, after 25 years in business (only Sensi Seeds has been around longer), we would have hundreds of varieties by now.

That would be an impossibly large seed collection for our distributors to manage. For some of them, the 50 varieties we have is already big enough.

The following varieties will be discontinued this year but for most of them you can still place final orders if there are special varieties which you would like to keep in your freezer. I am sorry about this, the list contains some very nice selections which I would like us to keep but we can’t. Occasionally we have to trim the seed collection and it is never a popular thing to do as it always upsets someone, but remember the strains are still there for our breeding programs, we only remove them from the catalogue on the basis that sales have been in decline, even though some of them I would rate very highly. The following strains will disappear from the catalogue.

Oasis, Flo, Isis, Green Spirit, Blue Moonshine, Skunk Passion, Dolce Vita, Super Haze, Sacra Frasca

Likewise we have new additions. Night Queen, Dark Delight, Freddy’s Best are traditional varieties and Think Different is an auto.

The full line up of varieties for 2012 are in the catalogue, which is here….
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