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    Lansing-- Republicans unveiled reforms to the state's medical marijuana law Tuesday they say will clarify confusion around the voter-approved issue.

    The eight bills would outlaw patient-to-patient exchanges of the drug, open the state's medical marijuana registry to law enforcement and establish zoning guidelines for dispensaries. Doctors would be required to prescribe pot only to patients with whom they have an established doctor-patient relationship.

    Rep. John Walsh, R-Livonia, said the law, passed in 2008, has been unevenly enforced by prosecutors, police and judges.

    "Confusion reigns," he said. "It's exposing law-abiding citizens to uncertainty, and costing our taxpayers money."

    But critics say the eight-bill package addresses the needs of law enforcement better than those of users.

    Southfield attorney Michael Komorn, president of the Michigan Medical Marihuana Association, said the proposed reforms fail to address the patients' need for protection under the law at a time when legitimate users continue to be viewed with suspicion by law enforcement.

    Komorn noted, for example, that patients often need to exchange marijuana because it can take months to grow.

    Prohibiting patient-to-patient or caregiver-to-caregiver transactions would reduce or eliminate access for many users, he said.

    "They're trying to create more limitations and create ways that people might be in violation," Komorn said.

    Attorney General Bill Schuette also issued an opinion on storage. Under current law, patients legally can grow up to 12 plants, and caregivers with permits are allowed to grow up to 12 plants for each of five patients.

    Under Schuette's opinion, caregivers must store plants for each of their five patients in separate locked storage facilities.

    The opinion is effective immediately, though it will be up to local prosecutors to enforce, he said following the press conference.

    Asked about the bills, Gov. Rick Snyder said there are "a number of issues that probably should be looked at" in terms of the medical marijuana law, but it's not a top priority for him.

    "We'll take that up in terms of our agenda probably in the fall or next year," Snyder told reporters.

    Walsh said Republicans will spend the summer researching medical marijuana issues and will convene hearings in the fall.

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    This is the most disgusting thing. Shows that politicians cannot follow the will of the people. Why do the cops need to know what medication I am on. Whats this sh*t with storing plants serperately... Write your state reps, voice Your Displeasure, I have.


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