Sorry for the delay posting this But i was at a great festival fighting for the freedom of MJ 21 years of celebration in one place for the freedom of Marijuana Harry Browns Farm Starks me.

But On Friday i governor signed the amendments to the MMJ law here in
Maine Much better for all with voluntary registration for patients.

AUGUSTA — Gov. Paul LePage has signed into law a bill that's aimed at protecting the privacy of medical marijuana patients.

The governor signed Rep. Deb Sanderson's bill in his office this morning. The Chelsea Republican's bill changes Maine's medical marijuana law to ensure access and clarify and enhance law enforcement protections for patients, caregivers, doctors and dispensary employees.

It eliminates mandatory state registration and mandatory disclosure of a patient's specific medical condition to the state Health and Human Services Department, and creates more workable processes for adding approved conditions. It also prohibits arrest for qualifying patients, caregivers and dispensary employees acting under the law.

LePage's action is being praised by the Maine Civil Liberties Union.