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Thread: Aptus trial 1

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    Default Aptus trial 1

    Aptus trial test 1

    This was our first large test with 80 plants to see if the brand was living up to its motto "Only the best is good enough". This test was done with Mossou a family group with a growing experience for over 20 years.

    Aim: to find out if Aptus topbooster is better than original booster X used by the Mossou

    The trials was done with booster X and all but ten plants were given Aptus' Topbooster in the last weeks from week 4 to finish before flush.

    Water type: No reverse osmosis water was used, regular tap
    Base Nutrients: Hypro A&B and regulator was used from the beginning
    Irrigation system: Drip irrigation
    Irrigation: 5 minutes every 3 days
    Average irrigation per plant: 1 liter

    Pot size: 5 liter
    Substrate: cocos
    Style: SOG (Sea of Green)
    Strain: Power plant (PP) type: regular basic strain (Dutch Standard)

    Ph EC Period of growth
    1.2 5.2 Vegetative 10 days
    1.2 5.2 Flowering week 1
    1.4 5.2 Flowering week 2
    1.6 5.6 Flowering week 3
    2.0 5.6 Flowering week 4
    2.2 5.6 Flowering week 5
    2.4-2.8 5.8 Flowering week 6
    2.4-2.8 5.8 Flowering week 7
    2.4-2.8 6.0 Flowering week 8
    0 6.0 Flush

    Errors committed during the test was not measuring wet to dry weight out of then plants

    Results: more THC crystals were found on the treated plants even though top booster was used only for 4 weeks. These crystal started to reach the large fan leaves of the plant. Plants treated with Aptus top booster had higher yields. See picture as the small plants in front are from booster X.

    Plants exhibited higher crystal production, more intense aromas and oils compared to the counter parts and previous harvest with booster X.

    Check attached pictures
    Picture 1: small plants in between the giants is booster X
    Picture 2: Aptus top booster plants after 4 weeks alone
    Picture 3: Trimmed buds
    Picture 4: Close up of Aptus bud cola shot

    Bless; love and gratitude :beatnik2:
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    Sounds good! It's nice to see a product living up to it's claims.
    I do not fail -- I succeed at finding out what does not work.

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    Default Correction on previous post

    Get everyone just realise that I placed my EC and Ph in the order. But the readings are correct.

    Thanks for understanding


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