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    Default Help needed on Vortex feedings

    Quote Originally Posted by Subcool
    So many factors its really hard to trouble shot and its always possible you got 2 A-13 Dom varieties its not a hard budded plant but we pull 4-6 zipps of my Vortex and you could shoot the buds with a sling shot. They do tend to add most of the weight at the end but we just ran 18 females through our bud room and every single plant was a keeper. The Cutting that won the cup was deff more soft of a bud than mine though very Cindy like.

    The main key may be week 6 things aint done till there done

    OK, here are my last pics of some very stringy Vortex clones that i harved at day 56. You can see from the pict of the sensi that it came out like 'sling-shot' nugs while the Vortex didnt. I love the Vortex power-mind-float-high, im not complaining and will be buying more seeds for when i start up again in the fall.

    This is the sensi:

    these 3 are all Vortex, less than 2 oz per plant; but there mom's were the same way.

    The camera is not picking up the brown/dark orange hairs. She was done and colorful enuf. The smoke is great.

    These are clones and their moms were also like this. Im not sure if they were apollo13/vortex or applo13/space queen (Vortex).
    5 gallon dirt pots. ran out of money so i couldnt buy the dirt i usually do for soil: Coconut coir and foxfarm Ocean; just bot Miracle Gro cheapo stuff at Home Depot.
    I used EVERY WATERING Liquid Karma, Botanicare Pure Blend Pro for Soil and Bud XL (after Week 4) with ph controlled water but ph in soil test never got much below 6.8.
    Two 1k coolTubes, 4x8 Homebox, CO2, 440 and 170 squirel fans w/ducting

    I had excellent temps in mid-seventies (F); humidity in dark cycle all over the place, as its a cold winter: dry nite down in 20%; other times 70%. The Vortex were given the best spots directly under the lights, whiole the Sensi, which had normal nuggs, were farther away. I had 10 plants in a 4x8 homebox; each plant in a 5 gallon pail (about 12 " across)

    When i first put them i raised the height of the pots by putting containers under them so they were around 15 inches from lights. (Its difficult 4 me to lower the lights). Is that bad, ya think? Now I'm allowing 13 plants (my last gro of the season) to sit about 30 inches under the 2 HIDs, and i'll just let them gro up naturally rarther than raise them up. Good idea?

    I also wud pour in Black Strap Mollases in with Nutes. Also I added Nutes with every watering. Should i alternate water, then nute, etc.?

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    Jonathon Goldsmith


    I really hope you figure it out soon. These multiple posts are lame.

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    sound ssss like you jst need to get your head down ......

    deside which way u wonna do it,,, go with learn from it.........

    or get somebody hold your hand,,,, although you will be lucky.............

    u have ti fuck up to fuck right......


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    sorry dont me to be rudeeeee.

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    um dido J. Gold.... Would somebody please explain why hes refering to 2 diff types of vortex. Theres 2?

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    no apollo13/vortex was subcools first offering of a backcross of the apollo13.
    And still I see no changes. Can't a brother get a little peace?
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