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    Lightbulb Natural & Organic: Simplicity


    Simplicity is a group of growing mediums and soil amendments that have been specifically designed to optimize growth and productivity of plants for the organic gardener. Our formulation has been field tested and distributed in HUMBOLDT COUNTY, CALIFORNIA, with tremendous results. When you combine great results with how easy this product is to use and it is no wonder, this product family lives up to its name – SIMPLICTY!

    GroNatural has a long history of providing an all natural solution to all sorts of growing industries. We have grown all sorts of vegetation for years in some of the most aggressive conditions found. One recent challenge we was to grow various grasses on fly ash. Here is an environment void of any organic or living base. The environment is essentially inert. Yet, we have been successful in doing so and doing so NATURALLY! We commissioned independent studies on our soils and amendments in 2008. The independent results verified that our products produced healthy plants with great yields combined with outstanding quality. Additionally, we have tapped into many resources from some of the leaders in Humboldt County, CA to produce truly outstanding results.

    By using BuffStuff™ (processed North American Buffalo compost), we accurately blend additional organic ingredients to create a rich microbial and nutrient rich environment. Unlike chemical fertilizers which most plants only use a low percentage of the nutrients needed, our formulation enhances and enriches the soil. In a sense we make soil better.

    The essence of creating a healthier soil environment is by highlighting and working with a natural fungi, mycorrhiza. This fungi produces a union between the plant root system and the soil, allowing the plant to take up needed nutrients. As has been demonstrated, our cooperative blends of natural ingredients will also increase the root ball therefore allowing for the ability of the plant and fungi to work efficiently.

    Add to this, the water retention capabilities of our BuffStuff™ and you have one of the best growing mediums for the natural gardener in the market today. No matter what your growing practices are, GroNatural has the product to enhance your operations. Whehter you need a potting soil or nutrients ;

    Simplicity Potting Soil, Simplicity Boost and Simplicity Top Dressing can get the job done!

    SIMPLICITY – It’s just that simple!


    This was one particular product that was introduced to me at the last Montréal Indoor Garden Show

    The youngins' attached below, are a mere 20 days old in 4" of soil, under natural winter light here in the North. Facing SSW.


    Simplicity Potting Soil, Simplicity Boost used to date.

    OF note the interesting three pronged leaf of a Kush phenotype, I am told.

    And the closest inter-nodes I've ever seen !!!

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    well I for one am going to try this,I make my own castings from my little worm farm,but buffalo shite I haven't tried.sounds great,love the auto flower in the window,so cool

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    Buffalo's are so handy eh, nice pics !!
    Thanks to google and youtube I managed to fabricate all the above words together to sound like Im growing, but Im not, never have, and even with a MMAR card I never will, so there! P.S. I loves my prozac and ridalin, om nom nom, moar plz....

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    That's pretty nice for just winter sunlight

    Hope the Bison Bud turns out well for you.
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    There are places they raise buffalo in Canada it might be a good thing to look up.

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    Default buffalo ka ka

    theres a buffalo farm near us, stopped in once, they sell every part of the aniamal besides the meat, hoofs, horns & hides, they'd be happy to know ppl buy the shite too if they don't already sell it

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