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    Exclamation CAN: Chronic pain sufferers not getting care needed, online survey finds


    Chronic pain sufferers not getting care needed, online survey finds

    Joe Raedle/Getty Images

    Chronic pain sufferers who feel as if they are being ignored or misdiagnosed by the mainstream health care system in Canada are turning in increasing numbers to massage therapy, chiropractic services and acupuncture.

    Charmaine Kerridge, National Post · Tuesday, Jan. 25, 2011

    For chronic pain sufferers, finding comprehensive care through Canada’s medical system to address pain management continues to be a challenge, a new survey suggests.

    An October 2010 online survey of 1,717 Canadians 18 years old and over, 818 of whom were classified as chronic pain sufferers, examined the overall outlook of chronic pain patients toward their condition and toward the lack of health care resources available to them.

    While 57% of chronic pain sufferers said their condition had been diagnosed, and of that number 21% said they suffered from arthritis, more than half (53%) of the respondents said they do not follow their health care providers’ pain management instructions, because they had received conflicting information from different health care providers.

    One reason for the lack of knowledge about pain management among health professionals may be that medical students don’t receive enough training in how to recognize and treat chronic pain, says Dr. John Clark, medical director of pain services at Capital Health in Halifax, and medical advisor to the Canadian Pain Coalition, who commissioned the Leger Marketing report.

    “Health care providers get less health issues training now, so they feel at a loss as to how to manage pain,”
    says Clark, who believes there should be courses geared toward understanding different aspects of chronic pain.
    “We need to do a better job of upgrading what people know when they graduate.”

    Compounding the issue of inadequate care was the unacceptably long wait that six in 10 patients said they had before they could see a specialist. A further 30% of respondents said they sought out complementary or alternative therapies such as chiropractic help, message therapy and acupuncture. They were also pointedly pursuing non-addictive pain medication. Roughly a quarter of respondents said they spent time searching out solutions for their conditions and half of them were frustrated with the lack of results, the survey said.

    Despite finding some help in managing their pain, 77% of respondents said they felt their condition was “just something I have to live with,” and 36% said they suffered in silence. The demographics for the respondents revealed that those aged 55 and older were most likely to hold the belief that they had to live with their pain. More than 60% said chronic pain had negatively affected their lives.

    Clark says the health system has to change to make more knowledge available to health care professionals and chronic pain patients themselves.

    “I think advocacy is very important. It’s about how you can deliver care in better and more cost-effective ways. If you accept the status quo, things are not going to change.”

    The Report on Pain online survey was conducted between Oct. 13 and Oct. 25, 2010. Its results are considered accurate within plus or minus 2.4% for 1,717 respondents, and plus or minus 3.4% for 818 people.

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    Thumbs up Sooooooooo True !!!!

    Excellent ,

    I suffered a workplace M/S hip pelvis lower back injury 3 plus years ago...and very shortly there after got secondary Fibromyalgia and all of the chronic pain,and cognitive issues involved on top of the original chronic pain from workplace injury...My GP, and specialists were all but incapable of helping/ diagnosing the injury...Now 3yearslater I am seeing a very knowledgeable massage therapist who is doing myofacial release, massage reiki etc, trigger point therapy...and doing wonders...Her hands should be insured for millions.

    I have someone drive me there so I can go " Medicated " with my MMJ as without I am in too much pain and I muscle guard...Medicated, I can just let her do what she needs to do...she has so far been able to map out 6 plus muscles that were injured and are active pain generators... Dr. couldn't even diagnose one...
    I also see a Chiropractor as I have chronic lower back pain /disk disease l4,l5,s1...and she is extremely helpful as well mapping the injured muscles, and pain trigger points and referred pain...which most GP, s do not understand or are even aware of, or care to know about...

    And both of these women are very pro MMJ, and very interested in learning more about the visits are also an exchange of knowledge for all involved...
    Lifelong learning is a good thing...Being open to alternative health care modes may be just what the DR neglected to order !

    Mama G

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    Quote Originally Posted by MaMa G
    just what the DR neglected to order!
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    To fight with chronic disease, you have to add magnesium related food in your diet. It can reduce muscle pain in some people as well as boost their energy. Many studies show that turmeric used in cooking reduces inflammation.

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