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    Default Ballast problem?

    I caught my ballast today start buzzing louder that it normally does. Simultaneously, the light went off. The ballast buzzed loudly for about two minutes, then it snapped back to the normal buzz, and the light came up. It's a 400w MH conversion bulb and a magnetic ballast. I've run four grows on it (switching for each to a HPS for flower). A couple hours later I noticed it did it again. I yanked it and plugged in a couple 68w cfls.

    Do you think, what? The ballast? Anyone ever seen this? Thanks for your time.

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    probly defective, return if you can. if you cant then dont buy anymore like it
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    Try a different bulb if you can.

    Low voltage will cause a magnetic to buzz as well as a digital to overheat.
    If you can, using a multi-meter or voltmeter, check the source(wall plug).

    If the conversion bulb is all you have, using some type of magnifier,
    examine the inside of the bulb, looking for a hairline crack in the ceramic.

    if all that checks out, might as well go new.
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