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    Default S.A.: Take Five: Save the planet, build your house of dagga

    Take Five: Save the planet, build your house of dagga


    The house of hemp

    Gizmag this week reported on the first house built of hemp in the United States.

    The exterior of the house was built using a material called Hemcrete -- a concrete-like substance made of industrial hemp, lime and water -- and the interior was lined with recycled paper panels. Last year a consortium of parties involved in sustainable development built a renewable house using the same substance.

    The material is perfect from a sustainability point of view. Hemp requires few pesticides and no herbicides, and is said to yield three times as much fibre than cotton per acre.

    Although grown for commercial use in countries such as France and Canada, it is illegal in the US, so Americans who wish to follow suit will face the prohibitive costs of importing hemp.

    It's hard to fathom why industrial hemp should remain outside the law in the US. Even though it is part of the cannabis family, unlike marijuana, it is not psychoactive. The designers say you'd have to "smoke the master bedroom" -- over a ton of hemp -- to get high.


    Gee and that only took hmmm 250 years to build a new home in the US with HEMP
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    I just read a great article on this subject,thanks Leq,there is a company in the U.S.,north carolina I believe, that is also manufacturing a new insulation with hemp,so the industry is growing internationally,great job again,peace

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