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    Default room lay out & grow method

    my questions are about which type of system is most productive and easiest physically to operate. I've only grown soilless hydro in small dwc systems (6 plants)and wonder about the differant growing styles like SOG etc. also interested in design of a large hydro system
    and how large of an building/area would be required for a 100+ plant room and what would be most efficant layout, ie mother/clone rm, veg, flower rms
    I'm eyein a nice little cement block shop with well my buddy has( I'm working on him )
    I am on cpp so cheep is ok aslong as it wont leach or anything, I have some lights/fans pumps etc so not starting from exactly scratch. also ease of operation is most verry important,(back,legs and knee problems!)

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    With the medical problems you cited, it seems small pots for the plants will be light weight and easier for you to manage - so you've already worked that part out yourself.

    Do you have a permit for that many plants?

    Also, do you have a room? How big?

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