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    Thumbs up Mich. court breaks new ground in marijuana case

    Mich. court breaks new ground in marijuana case

    Associated Press
    6:50 p.m. CDT, June 8, 2010

    LANSING, Mich. — The Michigan Supreme Court has overturned parts of a motorist's conviction in the death of a pedestrian who was drunk and walking in the road.

    The court said Tuesday a Washtenaw County jury in 2005 should have been allowed to hear the victim had been drinking, just like driver George Feezel.

    In the same case, the Supreme Court's liberal majority also said it's not illegal to drive while having a marijuana byproduct in the body. The court says "11-carboxy-THC" can't be considered a controlled substance under Michigan law.

    The justices say it's a byproduct created when the body breaks down marijuana's active ingredient. The court ruled differently in 2006 when it had a conservative majority and faced the issue in another case.


    WOW ! Precedent Setting INDEED !
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    Default This is huge...

    when we first got our M/M law here in Michigan, many refused to sign on because they thought that they would have to give up thier drivers license when they got the recommendation. Now, metabolites can no longer be used to harrass drivers in Michigan, this will likely be a temporary respite however, those darned anti's will find another way to make life more difficult for this state's sick and dying...Peace...j.b.
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