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    Wink Beans

    Chimera this is Gandalh62, sorry about time lapse I had not realized they closed the thread with my response off, and me moving it took me awhile to get back on line I don't want to come off as a jerk was just speaking truth. ( Sita knows me Red had me try a run of the original LUI'S, so you should be able to tell I am no beginer and am trusted, So if the offer you made still stands let me know? I really could use them. Gandalph

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    Chimera is not always easy to find, if you find him on a forum he often won't have a very high post count but that's partly due to him not starting threads to promote seeds.

    I've read that he's dealing with non-seed issues at the moment so don't feel like you're being ignored, he'll pop up eventually but a high traffic forum might see him first.

    The PM has a little more info.
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