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Thread: Mr.NICE seeds

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    Quote Originally Posted by HappyPlants
    Thanks Bob, for the advice. My DH is legal Med. patient. So . . . . . .
    guess I won't be sharing any more pics. That sucks.
    Thought TY was about by patients, for patients. Hmmmm . . . . .
    My DH also likes the CM for appetite.

    if your legal then no worries

    and ty is that

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    I have to say this cause it troubles my mind. About two years ago I was in really bad shape, could not think right nor speak right. To keep long story short, my life problems accumulated and peaked, hungry and without money nor friends or family. One day I was sitting infront of my house thinking to kill myself cause I couldn't see bright future and to end torture or way out, there was no way out. But thought come to my mind to grow cannabis just to keep myself occupied, and avoiding suicide.

    I had no money not one cent, pretty much like now, but my mind then was complete mess. So I wrote a letter to seed companies explaining my situation, the real situations I faced and the edge I was facing then. I wrote to the seed companies cause if someone have seeds its them and maybe someone will understand and help me.

    From all only Shantibaba helped me.

    He sent me Critical Mass and Kush x Skunk x .. cross with kindness. I grew the plants for 2 months, and then another unfortunate life event slapped me right on the face and I didn't flower the plants. Which were amazing they grew fantastic.

    But in those two months I did not thought of suicide, and after came nice weather and I didn't thought of that anymore.

    Shantibaba is a great man, and most likely saved my life.

    You have my life's gratitude, what troubles me that I didn't post anything on mr.nice forum, first I was afraid of cops, and after I was to embarrassed cause I did not have plants.

    Thank you Shantibaba you are great man and your genetics are great.
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    A nice/honest look into your life,thanx tuna. Keep your head & shoulders held up high man. cannabis is great and as you have described can be a lifesaver even in the most unconventionable ways. peace brother

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    Big Tuna... if you EVER need someone to talk to we are all here for you. i have had those thoughts of "pullin the trigger with my toe", but this plant has also saved my life, and when i met 2 guys from this very forum at my first Toronto canna cup a few years ago they changed my life and attitude and opened my eyes to the wonder of this plant.
    i still suffer from depression from time to time, but when i go into my grow room it all goes away, then i take time to come here, and there is so much to read that the time flys. and if ya need any advice, it comes very quickly, and generously with good vibes.

    Shanti is always there for everyone, he is truly a kind soul, and his genetics have never failed me.

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    thanks for kind words, I just wanted to say this somewhere


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    Shanti is my favorite but its surprisingly hard to find reliable sellers with his seeds.

    I would love to see more strains available (at fair prices) from inside Canada, that would rock.

    He's a hell of a nice guy too.

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    go to his site and pm him , order direct from the man himself

    his site/forum members get a discount , and licenced med users get even more of a discount

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