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    Default Same flower different colors makes a new flower color?? flower color help needed!!

    I'm wondering if you take two flowers each different colors (for example a red tulip and yellow tulip) and plant them in the same garden, could they/would they create a third color tulip with a mix of both red and yellow?
    If this is possible, what types of flowers are capable of doing this?

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    Hello, I am not a botanist but I feel I can contribute. I don't know much about tulips. I am growing tulips next year for the first time as down under there are many considerations BUT for years I have been growing Californian poppies and this topic also is of interest to me.
    I will start from the start!
    In the beginning I grew a Californian poppy type that was a salmon colour in a single flower formation as well as another poppy, a different genus/species which has a structure similar to that of a rose with a ruffled style of petals.
    Both species of poppies thrived always producing the same looking colours with the same characteristics, overall.
    Upon adding some Red Californian poppies into my garden the next years flowers were salmon
    coloured, retaining the original characteristics, the only difference being that the Salmon colour had changed containing more of a deeper red colour. Two years on they have retained a deeper red colour without significant changes due to genetic stability with no new introductions.
    The pink ruffled poppies,on the other hand, have had many different colours around them staying the same with noticable change each year. Changes include characteristics of the other poppy types, the pink spot that is in the middle is now almost purple. I have begun to collect the poppy types with noticable changes in the colouration as each flower is pollinated separately, I believe. (Please will someone correct me if this is not correct)
    I always look up the name of the genus of the plant that I wish to grow and enter plant profile in the search engine. There is so much good information on these things.
    I hope that someone else can expand on what I have written as it is always good to go over the principles of these processes. Thanks guys.
    Welcome to TY, by the way.

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