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    Default Confused??

    Who has the best Af out there? Is it the Joint Doctors Diesel Ryder, Mdanzig bluestreak, or Lowlife? And where can i get a grow log on the Diesel Ryder from start to finish? Oyea do you grow it the same way as the regular LR?

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    I grew Diesel Ryder the summer after it was released (summer of 2008) outdoor organic style. I planted on April 20th at 38 degrees North.

    Out of 11 seeds, only 5 germinated with a soak & sow method into peat starter pots, as soon as the roots poked out of the bottom I transplanted 4 of them into 1 gallon pots, and experimentally I put one strait into the ground in my backyard. After 2 weeks they hadn't shown full sex yet, so I experimentally topped the one in the ground. .

    Only one of the pots turned male, so I again used the experiment in the ground to make seeds. In the long run they needed about another week past ripeness to be viable, so I lost my seed stock..

    Overall report: Diesel Ryder proved to be a finicky grow as they are delicate as crystal when they're seedlings. After entering bloom they quickly become tough, rugged, and quick growing. The yield is less than I would have expected, at about 3/4 of an ounce per plant, but what it lacked in yield it made up for with taste and potency. It smelled and tasted like a grapefruit a cat had pissed on, but in a good way. The NYCD-ness shone through on all aspects of bud formation except height, which was either 12" or 18" from the dirt. They finished in about 9 weeks from seed.

    As for the experiment I topped? Very interesting results. The plant topped well, with 5 main colas, though they were smaller than the untopped plants. She didn't produce seeds well at all, with only about 15 that didn't pop between my fingers. I think she would have done much better if I hadn't seeded her. Maybe even have been the best plant.

    Medicinally... If you could grow enough of it it can be substituted for NYCD as a medical herb, but the yield makes it difficult to get from crop to crop. unless that is you do 30+ at a time and do a perpetual harvest.

    PS, to the plants defense, other growers who used the paper towel sprout method had much better results than I.

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