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    Question Information Please!

    I have never dealt with "Sensi Seeds" and I have some questions about this company.

    First, I realize that they are, if not the largest, one of the largest marijuana seed companies in the world. I also realize that, for the most part, they have a very good reputation. I am told that they even supply the Dutch Government with medical grade herb seeds. What I don't understand is it seems to be two different companies running as one. One company is "Sensi Seeds" and the other is "White Label". Is there a difference and or why are there two different companies? Did I miss something?

    Second, I would like to find out if they in fact will or will not deliver to Canada.

    Lastly, I could not help but notice that the price of their seeds is very, very high compared to many other seed companies. I would be interested in hearing from other members who have dealt with "Sensi Seeds" and or "White Label"to see if they were satisfied with their product offerings. Are they as good as they claim?

    Thanks in advance and any help would be appreciated.


    Thank God we don't get all the Government we pay for!

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    Arrow I say Ditto!

    I would like any info anyone could share also.

    I grew some of their NL and early pearl, but those beans were from the late 80s. it was quality then, and all(most) I hear is good things about them now, just that most info seems fragmented or a year or two old.then you hear an occasional bad report and it makes you pause?!!!

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    Default Sensi seeds have a branch.....

    called White Label. They are from the same company with different marketing techniques. I would love to get my hands on anything from the Sensi Seed bank as their reputation speaks for itself.

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    I like Sensi Seeds, I finished a few of their strains not long ago, seeds I bought in Amsterdam last year. They won't ship seeds to North America, not after the Marc Emery et al arrests, but you can buy them locally. Sacred Seeds is one shop that sells em here in Toronto, the only shop I'd trust around here for genuine seeds, but they are kinda pricey.
    I finished Hindu Kush and Jack Herer from their sensi label, and I finished Master Kush and feminised Power Plant from their white label varieties. All were nice each in their own right, but the Kushes were'nt effective for my patient but then not everything is for everyone. Power Plant was nice, no hermies, I always keep an eye on the feminised seeds for hermaphrodites and these showed none.
    Jack Herer I really enjoy growing, kept 3 phenos, still trying to work out what's best. I got a good deal on the Jack Herer seeds, bought them from Sensi's booth on the last day of last year's Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam, 100 euro for 10 seeds (reg. price is 150 euro)
    They supply the Dutch Ministry of Health with Jack Herer for distribution to med patients in the Netherlands. I'm pretty sure it's the only strain they supply.
    I'm not sure why they divided their seed selections into 2 different 'lines' or categories (Sensi and White Label) they also own the Flying Dutchmen Seeds label.

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    Default white lable

    ive recently purchased white widow fem and turned out male... white lable
    white diesel nice plant but fluffy buds white lable
    the people are great, service the same,
    quality, well will see

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    Thumbs down sensi seeds sucked man

    am pissed right off at the moment for wasting my cash and time on there garbage seeds.

    o and by the way white label means they are feminized seeds.

    i payed over 800$ for 3 packs of there seeds.i got some hahsplant and some jack herer from sensi seeds and some bleuberry from white label.

    all the hashplants seeds i tryed starting either roted right after they germinated or where all for 230$ i got no hashplant growing.

    then i started some jack herer 270$ found 4 males one female out of 5 seeds started.well the female showed me some pistils but at 6 weeks into veg i got some balls growing at the bottom so i ended up with a hermie.

    i also got some bleuberry from white label seeds250$ started 5 gave them away to some one to try them outside never started budding before it was freezing out side.

    so am a little disapointed for getting fucked once more with seeds.

    i have my juicy fruit and willy jack that never turned hermie on us in the last 12 or 15 years so am gonna stick to those 2 best strains we ever found.

    fuck wasting my $$$ and time and health on growing stupid rip off seeds.

    exempty on a mission to legalize

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