Cannabis legality in Portugal

Personal consumption limit is 2.5g per day and you can have in your possession 3 days' worth without contravening the law. Cultivation, even if for personal use is still totally illegal and cultivation of even one plant is assumed to indicate involvement with trafficking. Possession of seeds is also illegal and despite there being several Head or Grow Shops in Portugal, they are not allowed to sell seeds. It is also true that the number of Grow Shops as grown for the past years which seems to indicate that cultivation for personal use (in Portuguese: auto-cultivo) is becoming a more common pratice. There is also a forum, named hortadacouve, formed of people who cultivate for personal use.

It is very common in Portugal to see young people smoking in concerts and other party areas. There has also been, in the last decade, a increase of cafés where it is possible to smoke, although it is never an "open" experience, because there is still a lot of intolerance to public consumption of cannabis as a day to day practice.

In the last year, the Global Marijuana March (in Portuguese: Marcha Global da Marijuana) was celebrated for the first time ever in the two main cities of Portugal, Lisboa and Porto.