With CoViD-19 slow progress is now at a stall well beyond crawling, if not totally interrupted. So, unfortunately i'm stuck at this level:

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Name:	Slim Full-Metal Cust. VG Tops by Egzoset (2020-Mar-17) [400x360] .PNG 
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...and it may be a long while before normal life can resume again.

Nonetheless future transformations rely on a correctly aligned central axis to help match features from both side of a Full-Metal (alu) sphere, namely the "Flame Catcher" and "Monobloc"... In addition lets better illustrate the global objective i got in mind, with focus put on weight distribution:

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Name:	Egzoset's Cust. VG Pipe - About Mass Ratios (2019-Jul-7) [480x350] .PNG 
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This is a precursor idea of my LAVACapsule system, still unsure what's the most appropriate material to depend on.

The wood Tops assembly illustrates shape but not finish, while the Full-Metal alternative provides some hint about what range of weight to expect. Which matters because of this:

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Name:	Egzoset's Cust. VG Pipe - Susceptor to Flux Concentrator Mass Ratio (2019-Jul-18) [300x300] .PNG 
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Total weight of bowl/core and Monobloc metals with moderate to strong magnetic properties only represent a fraction of this whole capsule. I'm expecting the susceptor to weight around 1 ~ 2 % of my LAVA capsule assy. and ~15 % of some ferro-magnetic alloy(s) inside. It's a know fact that energy doesn't move instantly, this feature combined with other factors as heat retention will provide an opportunity to experiment with selective spot-heating, IMO, while the capsule remains safe to the touch: only its core is temporarily storing energy, in the hundred Joules range i believe.

Flux concentrators may prove to be required, i wish i could test that, but then i'd still miss Inlet Water...

Simple physical coil reconfiguration in some existing ready-made 3rd-party commercial IH-driven cooker base would make sense, eventually.


Good day, have fun!!