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General Rules
The following guidelines are put in place for every members benefit. While we do not censor the forums, we will strive to keep quality content on this forum. We do not wish to waste anyone's time with numerous negative posts.

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TY Online Community Acceptable Posting Guidelines


TY Online Community is a privately owned site that hosts international members and viewers. With that in mind, Our Terms Of Service (Refered to as TOS) reflects our obligation to members to best serve our global membership. While it is understood that there are many conflicting laws globally, it is expected of our members to follow our International posting guidelines. These guidelines are for everyone's benefit and is applicable to all members regardless of location. As a privately owned site, our staff reserves the right to edit inappropriate posts to keep only quality content on the forum.

You must agree to these guidelines in order to become a member or continue to be a member in good standing within the community.

  1. Illegal Postings: Postings that are considered illegal. Illegal posts are any posts that contain illegal activity. Examples are any thing that contains child pornography; drug dealing, any illegal activities, images and/or illegal information is not permitted. You as a member accept full responsibility for your postings as TY Online Community cannot be held responsible for activities by any member on our site.
  2. Duplicate/Repetitive Posts: Duplicate posts with identical or similar text are not allowed. Duplicate posts will be removed by our staff. It is understood that from time to time there may be a glitch and a double post may occur.
  3. Multiple User Accounts: We do not allow any member to create multiple user accounts for any reason. Any member that is found to have multiple accounts will be subject to banishment.
  4. Flaming/Trolling: These are considered any post that is intended to incite, provoke, or otherwise cause direct conflict with another member. We do however understand everyone may have another point of view, but if it resorts to insults, threats, etc, our staff has no choice but to remove the offending material. Repeated offenders may be placed on site wide ignore, banned/temporary or permanent. TY Online Community encourages all members to maintain a civil and courteous demeanor while posting on the forum. It is also advised that any member may place another user on ignore rather than continue any discontent.
  5. Obscene/Pornographic/Violent Posts: Any material that contains genitalia, violence, or any inappropriate material will be removed as well as possible infractions depending on severity of posted material. Repeated offenders will be subject of banishment.
  6. Off-Topic Postings: Posted remarks that have nothing to do with the current subject of the titled thread will be removed at the discretion of our staff. Continued abuse will result in an infraction. We have a General Section as well as a Rant Section, please use them appropriately.
  7. Solicitation: Any posts soliciting or offering any illegal activities/substances will be deleted. Members that engage in such activities can be subjected to banishment without warning.
  8. Member Signatures: Any member's signature that is found to be offensive, or contains illegal information and/or images will be edited at the discretion of our staff.
  9. Spamming: Any posts to other commercial websites, forums, chat rooms, or other commercial products are not allowed without proper recognition/permission of the original author/proper credits. Any attempts at advertising without expressed consent of author, or our staff will be removed by our staff. Any unauthorized advertisements will be subject to removal and possible banishment. Please use proper channels if you would wish to advertise here on the forums. Exceptions to this rule are product reviews, please stay on-topic and refrain from posting material that may be considered advertising. If you are unsure, contact our staff members. As a privately owned website, TY Online Community reserves the right to prohibit information posted in threads, posts and/or signature lines that contain information related to commercial interests that have not properly followed procedure to advertise on this forum.
  10. Banning: Any person who violates TY Online Community's Forum Guidelines/TOS will be subject to banishment. Once a member is banned from this forum, we will not hear arguments from other members. If the person that is banned feels their banishment was unfair, they may contact an administrator for possible review. Once banned, we will not justify any bans to the general membership. Any members that complain about ones banishment may be subjected to banishment themselves.
  11. Member Status: As long as you respect the rules of this community, you will be a welcomed member. Those that willingly joined this forum, support what the TY Online Community stands for. With this support, you will be afforded full rights as a member. Members whom abuse their member status may see their membership revoked, if warranted.
  12. Chat room: Our chat room may have moderators assigned to ensure that members using this feature are following the guidelines of accepted use. Only members of good standing are allowed to use this feature. Members that participate in the chat room are required to conduct themselves in the same manner as outlined in the Forum Guidelines set forth. If there is abuse of the chat room feature, the member may be subject to banishment.
  13. Personal Message (PM): Any personal message sent by one member to another member through the PM system or reputation system, both of which are not public and shared between a private system, between members (not in a public venue). Posting Personal Messages and/or emails (or parts thereof) in open venues on this site or via any other private means is not allowed and will result in the offending member being banished. Posting of any members personal information is strictly forbidden and will result in immediate banishment. Forwarding of sensitive Pm's is not permitted unless the original sender gives consent prior to the message being forwarded. If anyone makes a complaint to the staff of TY Online Community about PM's being forwarded or posted without permission, the member guilty of said action will be banished.
  14. Visitor Messages: Visitor messages are not private and are subject to the Forum Posting Guidelines and TOS.
  15. Social Events: Will be edited accordingly.
  16. Report Posts: Please let any staff member know ASAP if there are any postings that violate our Forum Guidelines, especially if they are offensive to yourself! We encourage the use of this feature to report TOS/Forum Guideline violations or anything that requires the attention of our staff. Please keep comments civil and practical, abuse of this feature will not be tolerated.
  17. Vendors: Any vendors that create their own sub-forum here with proper permissions are in charge of self moderating their forum. Please note that higher level staff decisions supersedes vendor moderation.
  18. Privacy Policy and TOS: TY Online Community's Privacy Policy and Terms Of Use are located at the footer of the forum. Please review these as well. Every member is expected to have read them.
For breaking above rules you may be warned/banned appropriately!

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