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  1. Also, at one time, roughly how many, either like numerically or % wise, are you plucking each time?

    Not 100% of leaves, right? It's not 200 leaves, it's not 199 leaves,'s not 1 leaf, or 2 leaves...not 99%,, Not 98%...and it's not 1% and it's not 2%...can you see the kind of number I'm wonderin'?
  2. So please tell me, what's the basis for plucking a leaf? Yellow? Or ... only 5" leaves, or what? Thanks!
  3. Hi ya these are the plants, went into 3rd week of flower on Tuesday, and have 3 weeks to go, so we will see the final results. good thing I did not do all of my Crop. The OG Kush, worked real well and is packing on the Bud, but the Black diamond is not putting the weight on that the OG is so far it looks like it is a good idea, but will see in the end. My next run I should not have any problems like I have had with this Crop, with he Mites and over spraying the BB Gone, almost killed the lot, ha ha ha Red said " come get some more clones but NO way I was determined to make these babies work. So will take better pics, I used my Computer , will use the phone later today so you can get a real good look at them. Ha ha ha

    Pay It Forward,
    and thanks for the reply.
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