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  1. Looks like the dude has disappeared. Legalization in CO likely effected his seed biz.
  2. Sorry to hear about your mom. I'm glad you took to being her caregiver, though. That's awesome of you. I am still making seed, but right now I am working on trying to find an investor to begin production for a strain for the Cannabis Cup )2017 is the goal). I did indeed decide nto to move back to Texas. Smartest thought I ever thunk.

    I wish you and your mom the best!
  3. What's up man, how are things going with a baby and the new law? Are you still making seed? All my plans were shot to the curb, my mom was diagnosed with cancer and I decided to be her care giver. The chemo ruined her eye sight, so I'm eyes for both of us. Anyhow, I hope you hung in there instead of going back to Texas.
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